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Sun 26 May 2019

Why We Need To Work Differently To Save Our Health

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We live in a world where being busy, hustling or over-worked has been worn as a badge of honour. But to who's benefit?

We are being sold that we need to do all these things to reach new levels of success or ‘the good life’. And yet at the same time we are being told to prioritise our health and wellness because we are in facing the great health crisis’ of the modern day- stress.

I see business owners who are burnt out, overwhelmed and not sleeping well working on selling more, marketing wider and trying to participate in the idea that more, faster, bigger or higher are methods to finally reach their desired destination. We are working long days and weekends, thinking about sales when we should be playing with the children, hanging at the office during lunch instead of taking walk, having appointments on our days off, taking phone calls at night when we want to relax and are posting social media on coffee breaks.

We are so connected to they way we make our livelihood that we’ve lost our desired lifestyle along the way.

But what if we take a different route?

What if we prioritise how the journey feels, not the destination? What if we build our a business and lifestyle with the same goals, not separate ones?


Imagine creating a business that puts our lifestyles front and centre with our livelihood. Where wellness at the forefront of decision making, we make decisions that prioritises our health, space to be creative, allows time for family and community and acknowledges that everyone wants a live a different way.


Is a good, successful or amazing business and life about the destination or the journey? What if we flipped how we run our businesses so that how we feel along the path to ‘success’ is the main goal, not ‘success’ for the sake of it.

What are some ways we can work differently to save your health?

A Livelihood + Lifestyle business model

This could mean focusing on high instead of low profit margin offers, it may require more online instead of in-person meetings. It may be you need to drop physical products and create more digital offers, you may even preferred working in a team instead of individually or vice versa. The options are endless, but this is the first step to a business by design.

Focus on Better instead of Bigger

When did we start believing that bigger trumped better. Quantity over quality. More over less. How can we not be influenced by this change in perception? Bigger is not always better. Paul Jarvis wrote a whole book about this idea. Bigger may just mean more staff, more decisions and more work. We need to decide for ourselves, when have we reached out limits.

Purposefully Pricing for Profit

Factoring in appropriate profit margins is essential in business. With this buffer for known and unknown expenses we give ourselves more choices in business. This means you can pay for the services you need, rather than doing it all yourself. Hire staff when you need to. Focus on quality over quantity. Have time off when you need it. Offer products/services at a  lower volume, but higher profit. You can get off the hamster wheel.

Identifying Bottlenecks in Business and Life

What current challenges are impacting the way we work, what stopping us leaving on time at the end of the day, what is causing stress or is unresolved. We need to regularly ask ourselves, is it draining to call customers for payments, what can I change to make payments to be upfront or automated. Is attracting new clients exhausting, how can we do this a better way? Who can I hire to make this bottleneck a non-issue?

Prioritise Our Well-being

Boundaries are one way to prioritise our well-being and come in many forms. From saying no to people asking for discounts, refusing to work with high maintenance clients, to not booking clients in on our days off. We We all have our go-to way we sabotage our efforts for preserving our well-being. But one way to look at it is where do I keep compromising my boundaries?

A Whole New Business

If you’ve tried many options in your business and it’s still impacting your health, it might even be time for a whole new business. I’ve recently watched many successful businesses close by choice such as Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar business and Leonie Dawson’s Business Academy.    

Working better not longer or faster is the new way to work. What could you do differently for the sake of your health?

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