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Thu 14 Jan 2021

Why You Need Yoga In Your Life NOW To Look, Feel And Age Better

Health & Wellbeing
Never tried Yoga before?

Think it’s too advanced, too bendy, too hard or slow for you?

I’m a Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Wellness Coach and I’ll discuss why Yoga has been described by other experts, as the ‘Fountain of Youth Practice’. 

I was over 50 before I walked into my first Yoga studio. I was seriously menopausal, stressed, tired to the bone.


I was recovering from a hysterectomy and putting on weight.


Further, I could feel myself ageing quickly.  I needed to find the movement my body was aching for. 

Since practising daily and teaching now for almost ten years, here’s what I noticed not only in my own body but observing it in my students as well.  

1. It’s the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that won’t come from a bottle or a knife.   

Ask any Exercise Expert about what movement the body requires, and they’ll usually answer with ‘Agility, Flexibility, Balance, Strength and Cardio’. Yoga is not considered an ‘exercise’ even though we practice ‘asanas’ or poses. It’s looked upon more as a lifestyle practice. A vital ingredient that is missing from a traditional exercise model that yoga offers is the calming of the mind.

The crucial extra stage of any yoga practice that brings it all in and allows the body to assimilate, and rest in its shape while cooling down, is at the end in a corpse pose, while belly breathing and bringing a calm, restful peace to mind and body to heal. You walk out of yoga practice, calmed, cooled and peaceful.  

2. Care for your spine and stay young!  

No other movement modality cares for the spine, quite like yoga. Pilates comes a close second, with its concentration on the core. A strong core means great posture. With Yoga, we bring the spinal cord and its surrounding vertebra into many poses. Once the spine can comfortably move in all directions and feel flexible and agile while creating a strong core, you will know youthfulness. This is where Yoga’s ‘bendy’ reputation comes from. If you’ve never tried general spinal reaches and releases in a yoga class, your spine and back health is missing out.  

3. Yoga reduces stress levels better than most other forms of movement.  

Many young people with demanding jobs, who work out hard at the gym morning and night, rarely get an opportunity to destress and bring their nervous systems back to rest and digest. They take that aggressive energy to the workplace. After all, that’s what’s expected of them. A hard, fast, relentless pace! No wonder so much burnout happens. Often concerned family members of these young executives voice fear about the ‘aggression and potential breakdown or burnout’ they can see happening. 

But how does yoga help the ageing body?  

By the time we hit 50+, we’re a culmination of all of those experiences. We wear the stresses, the diet, the movement practices, the inflammation, the fatigue and the emotion in our body and on our face. To practice, yoga means to heal the stresses of the past while calming the system, improving the body’s flexibility, and reducing pain and tension while releasing knotted fascia. When the stress is released, tension reduces, and a calm rests over the whole body, giving the face a glow of usefulness. 

 Yoga comes in many styles. Find what works for you. You might enjoy a deeply relaxing, meditative, restorative practice. Or you might prefer an intense, sweaty release. Know that you can age backwards with the right movement, attitude and food choices. Everyone’s body craves a particular style of movement. Once your body and mind is in sync and feeling good, the ageing process becomes a healthy one.  

Talk to me  or email me anytime about my online Yoga Program. 

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