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Tue 23 Feb 2016

You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have!

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Last year, after his sudden death, I began sharing the late Dr Wayne Dyer’s ’10 Secrets to Success and Inner Peace’.

You may recall that Secret #1 is Have a Mind That is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing, and Secret #2 is Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You – which became one of the mantras for which Dr Dyer’s will long be remembered.

Secret #3 is You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have. In its most basic terms, this message refers to our inability to share something that we don’t first have ourselves, whether this be something physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

We can’t share material possessions if we don’t first possess any; we can’t share knowledge or wisdom if we don’t first have that knowledge or wisdom; we can’t share our values if we haven’t taken the time to reflect and establish what these are for ourselves; and we can’t share love, kindness or compassion, if we don’t first have these in, and importantly, for ourselves.

The analogy that Dr Dyer often used was that of squeezing an orange, and to this end, he always gave his talks with an orange on the table. He said that if we squeezed an orange, out would come orange juice. What do you ‘give out’ to those around you? Particularly, if you are ‘squeezed’, or put to the test, what do you emit? Calmness? Rational thinking? Compassion? Or anger, blame, or defensiveness? This is certainly a question that evokes contemplation and self-reflection, isn’t it?

And if you find the little voice in your head is giving you an answer that is not as appealing as you’d wish, don’t lose heart…..this is your chance to make whatever changes you want. YES. You can most certainly make change. Too often people make excuses, rather than choosing to take a pro-active approach and create themselves the way they want to be. [Refer also to Dr Dyer’s book Stop Making Excuses].

In his book Biology of Belief, (also backed with scientific proof) Dr Bruce Lipton explains that memetics, or your mind, are stronger than genetics; this means that your thoughts can actually change your DNA blueprint.

Therefore, there are no excuses for not mindfully choosing who and how you want to be, and start taking the steps to be that person! Sometimes it is helpful to do a vision board, showing the ‘picture’ of you and your new self or the life you intend to create; imagine yourself actually being this person and living this life….and before you know it, you will have created this!

So take the opportunity of a New Year, a clean slate, and create THE New You that you want to be!

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