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Fri 21 Sep 2018

Your Ageing Years Can be the Best of Your Life. You Just Need to Decide.

Health & Wellbeing
A number of years ago I was ill at home on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I was watching the Oprah Show. Her guest was Deepak Chopra. They were talking about her upcoming 50th birthday.

I distinctly remember Deepak saying ‘there’s something that happens to a woman when she turns 50.   Not 48 or 52 – Fifty!   A woman’s potential explodes when she turns 50. If she’s open to take on the lessons that come to her at that specific time of her life, she’ll change dramatically’.

Gary Vaynerchuk says about business ‘at 50 it’s time to ramp it up’.

I believe at 50 your business, your health, your body and your mindset can be better, stronger and more alive than it was 20 years ago.

Do you believe in loud clear messages from the Universe?

At the time I was recovering from a hysterectomy, dealing with menopausal symptoms, weightgain, hot flushes, achey joints and wondering what my next step was going to be. After conversations with many women 50 and beyond, I sensed that feeling of ‘arrival’.   Many were at a place of peace, no drama, self satisfaction and determination.   Some had successful businesses, some didn’t, but it didn’t matter.   They were loving life.

Reset your expectations.

When we look at our timeline of life, through the steps of childhood, teen years, young adulthood, the parenting and career years, before we know it, we’re at the later years.  They come with as many highs as lows, but it’s the decisions you make and how you react, that will determine what your next few decades will look like.  So if you’re sitting in the same decade as I am and looking ahead, how many more years do you see for yourself? If there’s only 2 or 3 decades left, wouldn’t you want them to be magnificent?

Like puberty in teenage years that steps us into adulthood, so too does menopause in our middle years step us into another level of being that allows us to change our perception about ageing.   This advanced level can present a more peaceful knowing that there’s a greater potential to change not only our own lives but those around us.   At this time goals will magnify and long held desires are acted on.  Get ready to bloom.

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