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Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2018

Working Women Magazine, Female business owners publication

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Working Women magazine - Winter/Spring 2016 issue

Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2016 edition

Working Women magazine - Winter/Spring 2015

Working Women magazine Summer/Autumn 2015

Classified directory for women in business

Working Women magazine - Winter 2014 edition

Magazine for women in business

Working Women magazine  - Summer 13/14 edition

Working Women magazine - Spring 13 edition

Magazine for women business owners

Autumn 13 Working Women Magazine

Magazine for women in business

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Business magazine for women

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Classifieds Business Directory Listings

Be found - list your business in the 'Classified Directory' of the next edition of 'Working Women' magazine. View an example of 'Classified Directory' layout.


BONUS: In addition to appearing in our glossy printed mag the digital version of 'Working Women' also hyperlinks to the URL listed in your 'Classified' advert.

Publication Dates & Booking Deadlines

Cover Date

Publication Date

Booking Deadlines

WINTER 2018 to SPRING 2018 1 June, 2018 1 May, 2018
SUMMER 2018 to AUTUMN 2019 1 December, 2018 1 November, 2018

Magazine Classified Advert Booking

Want a Free Classified Directory Listing?

If you book a Display Advert package your 'Classified Directory Listing' is FREE.


'Working Women' is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd. Your advertisement in Working Women's Classified Directory MUST adhere to the following guidelines.


You MUST type your text into the order form and comply with the word count.

Please do not:

Copy and paste material into the online form.
Use more than one exclamation mark (!) in your advert.
Use more than one dollar sign ($) in a row.
Use incorrect spelling.
Use links to website addresses or contact details that are not linking correctly. 

By submitting your 'Classified Directory' listing you agree to accept the following.

WNA reserves the right to accept your advertisement only when credit card payment has been successfully processed. If the provided credit card declines, the advertisement is automatically deleted.

We do not distribute adult or sexually related or questionable material.

We do not accept or knowingly print advertisements containing 'get rich quick schemes' or 'pyramid selling'.

We reserve the right to withhold, reject or classify any advertisement as unacceptable including those that could bring WNA into disrepute.

We reserve the right to refuse to write, edit or print any material that is or may be considered to be defamatory or misleading in any way.

We will immediately reject any advertisement that is considered false, misleading, offensive or unlawful.


By engaging the services of WNA, you agree to indemnify WNA against any loss or liability whatsoever or howsoever arising out of any breach of copyright or intellectual property in the material to be edited, written or distributed, or any, defamatory or misleading statements or material contained therein.

By placing advertisements in our 'Classified Directory' we are not providing professional advice.

We do not guarantee the accuracy or reliablility of any of the advertisements placed in our 'Classified Directory'.

Links to advertisers' websites are provided for convenience. WNA does not endorse material on those websites, or any associated organisation, products or services.

We cannot guarantee that software downloaded from advertisers' websites will be free of computer viruses. 


You will indemnify (and keep indemnified) WNA, its officers, employees and agents against any loss or expense (including legal expenses) resulting from any claim or action resulting from any willful, unlawful or negligent act or omission by WNA or WNA's employees, agents or subcontractors in connection with Working Women magazine.

If you have any questions please contact us by E: wna@womensnetwork.com.au or T: 1800 052 476.

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