Women (and some men too!) join Women's Network Australia for a range of reasons and a huge range of benefits. Before joining any organisation it's always good to know how others feel about the group and what they have to say about belonging.

Here’s just a small taste of what our Members have to say about belonging to the WNA Community. We look forward to you having a read and then joining yourself up.

One of the hallmarks of a great leader is humility – it garners respect and helps in presenting and executing ideas; so it is wonderful to see this quality recognised by Women’s Network Australia in 12 of the country’s most impressive yet unsung leaders.

Kylie Lang
 Associate Editor, The Courier-Mail Brisbane

I managed and lead several public health services over a 30-year period and the majority of my staff were women. Further in my last position the majority of my Executive were women who had the opportunity to grow and become like the contributors of this Book very successful and experienced leaders, in some cases beyond their own expectations.

Janelle and Sue who both feature in this book are two people who I employed because I could see their future potential and would be an asset to our health service district. I was not disappointed. They were a credit to the team, and I will always be indebted to them for their support and the significant contribution they made to the most visionary (my opinion and shared by some others) Queensland Health Service District.

Likewise, the contributors to this book have come from a wide range of backgrounds and have the strength to follow their dreams, draw a line in the sand and move on when all seems lost, to go where others dare not go, to enter a workspace that traditionally has been male dominated, have vision and want to make a difference.

Graham Hyde OAM. PHF
Queensland Health Executive (retired)

I believe that humility is the glue binding authenticity and leadership.

“Humble Leaders” reinforces that belief with these inspirational stories that shine the light on the multifaceted nature of true leadership.

Each woman’s story is filled with insights gleaned from their unique journeys – we can all learn from others’ experiences and this is a brilliant source of enlightenment for everyone.

 Adam Thompson
Chocolate Starfish, Musomagic, Musikarma

Between the pages of Humble Leaders you will find inspiration from the stories shared by the authors of Hope, Resilience and Success.

It will provide you with an opportunity to self reflect, to remember all the times that you did back yourself and never gave up on your dreams.

Most importantly it will validate the reasons of belonging to a network of like-minded and empowering women who will be there to support you and to cheer you on your own road to Success, Prosperity and Happiness.


Chris Knight
Inspirational Connections, Social Justice Advocate and Global Ambassador for Soroptimist International

This book is full of inspiring stories of amazing women who thrived in life. Their perseverance amidst of all trials and different events in life is one of the keys to their success. Their stories makes you want get up from your knees and just keep going!

Lota H Macaspac-Samonte, CEO and Founder 
Your Virtual People

Humble Leaders is an inspiring collection of life experiences of women who have beaten their own paths to incredible success. While each of the 12 women have led very different personal journeys and career paths, they all faced challenges and had to overcome obstacles along the way.

The striking common thread in this book is that the secret to their success is a blend of perseverance and passion. These impressive women have achieved so much through their hard work and resilience in the face of hardship, grief and even failure.

Many of the women in Humble Leaders have been highly successful in business and if you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business but haven’t had the courage to take the next steps – this is the read that might just empower you to do it!”

Kate Carnell AO
former Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

What an exciting concept, 12 amazing and strong women share their personal journey stories of what they have been through to get to where they are today.  They have overcome diversity, accepted challenges, had massive heartbreak, been through so many incredible life lessons but have all come through and now share their extraordinary stories of courage and success.

I personally love reading others journey’s as I think you learn and grow through the sharing. The thing I most love about the 12 women in this book, is they all come from diverse backgrounds, have had different challenges, have all learnt so much on the journey of life, but they all have one very important thing in common, none of them ever gave up, they kept fighting until they won, and when you hear their stories you will shout YES like I have at their success.

There are so many heart-warming stories in this one gorgeous book, it is motivational and well worth a read. I was always taught if we learn one new thing a day, we are doing well, there is a lot we can learn from these 12 great stories.

Congratulations ladies and thank you for giving so much on every single page of this beautiful book “Humble Leaders”. You all have shown how truly humble you are.

Tracey Mathers, Mentor
Develop the star within (former Tracey Mathers Shoe Studio)

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes but these ladies have many different stories that demonstrate certain traits: authenticity, passion, enthusiasm and a certain integrity. The many diverse stories in “Humble Leaders” reflect this through the personal struggles that these inspirational ladies have fought through to make their immediate world a better place for themselves and their peers.

The book is a heartwarming reflection of true leadership in action through often heart rending stories. Reflection on situations involving potential self interest, privilege, equity and equality within community helps unmask current social and work practice.

Dr Ken Bartel (Retired)
Lecturer, Secondary Principal, Director of Lutheran Education South Eastern Region (Vic/Tas/NSW)
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