About Us

Women’s Network Australia (WNA) invites you to spend time with people who have the same energy as you - a deep desire to SUCCEED and make a difference in the world.

Connect | Be Consistent | Commitment to Success

Women’s Network Australia is a vibrant community for women in business to connect, grow, succeed and collaborate.  Get involved with the longest running, member-based women’s business organisations in the country.

Through WNA, you will CONNECT with women who understand the power of connection and the difference NETWORKING can make to GROW your success.

Did you know, women made up just over a third of all Australian business operators (34% or 668,670 women). There has been a 46% increase in the number of women business operators over the past two decades. More than two in five women business operators were aged 40-54 (44%) (Source: Australian Bureau Of Statistics).

WNA is here to encourage and support you to reach your full potential and provide hands-on business networking opportunities to raise your profile, share business ideas, receive guidance from peers and mentors and find out about innovations that may stimulate your business.

For more than three decades we have been educating, guiding and supporting women in their pursuit of success; helping them to turn their start-up or newly founded businesses into profitable enterprises. We want to be there with future possibilities.

Our Vision and Purpose

Provide a strong network of business and personal contacts. Encourage trade and information sharing between Members.
Provide access to professional and personal development information in a unique and supportive business environment.
Inspire and encourage women to develop professional strategies and skills for success in business.
Provide a pooling facility for like-minded individuals to share information, ideas and knowledge and bring about positive change.
Provide a forum for the recognition of women's achievements and encourage others to emulate these role models.
Lift the level of awareness, acceptance and visibility of women and the talents and resources they have to offer the economy.
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