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Humble Leaders is a unique collection of stories from business women who represent the many thousands of 'quiet achievers' driving the Australian economy. Twelve incredible women from within Women's Network Australia have openly and transparently shared these stories and together, created this uplifting and inspiring collaboration book. For pre-orders and to read more, click on the link below:

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Humble Leaders

Through the chapters of Humble Leaders you are introduced to twelve amazing women, all WNA members, from diverse backgrounds both culturally, career/industry wise, geographically and with very different life stories. They each offer a unique story of how they overcame their challenges and roadblocks, be they personal or professional. The writing is honest, bold and from their hearts.

Our authors: Ebru Sak, Karen Vercoe, Adrianne Fleming OAM, Ronnie Benbow, Melissa Donaldson-Hey, Rachael Downie, Margaret Campbell-Ryder, Jo Sainsbury, Lisa Fogarty, Alison Rogers, Sarah Hutson and Janelle Bostock.

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