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WNA Member Reader Review by Sue Lester

It’s always a great sign when reading a professional development book to have clients and friends pop into my head. That definitely happened while I was reading Maree Burgess’s “Level Up: How Managers Learn To Do Less And Be More”.

Burgess’s book is a lifeline to all those whose excellent work “on the tools” has been rewarded with a promotion into management, often the only way to get off the pay plateau. New managers are too often then left alone, battling Imposter Syndrome, and floundering with managing their team, either micromanaging or being too hands off.

Very few are “born managers”, even less are “born leaders” so giving yourself (and those you are mentoring or leading) permission to learn, to understand how to think at a different pay grade, is essential for growth and sanity.

This book is a reassuring guide to the key behavioural skills and mindset shifts needed to grow from a transactional manager to a transformational leader. The author notes she wrote it to be “light on theory and heavy on practicality”, with lots of exercises and questionnaires.

Each chapter ends with a key point summary and clear action steps. The generous text spacing and font are easy on tired eyes and brains, with enough repetition to help reinforce the messages.

Written for new middle managers and those who support them, this book also has gems for business owners in a growth phase.  Be curious and be real.

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