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Women's Network Australia is thrilled to profile our members and the incredible work they do.
  • Katherine Kemp

    As a jewellery designer and gemmologist, Kath is passionate about creating unique, custom pieces inspired by her customer’s story. Gemstones themselves can inspires the design. Kath especially takes pride in creating a piece out of heirloom jewellery continuing the memories for a new generation.

    Joanne Brooks about the ways in which her business is supporting women in business to grow both personally and professionally. Joanne shares information about the Her Transformation program, as well as study opportunities like an MBA.
  • Siobhan Whalley

    As Managing Director of pirkx Australia, Siobhan is helping pirkx to reward the health and financial wellbeing of workers across the Australia – giving people access to a wide range of retail, entertainment and dining discounts and cashback, as well as 24/7/365 access to counselling and EAP services, discounted gym membership and other wellbeing benefits.

  • Sarah Hutson

    Sarah is the Founder and Owner of SFH Designs Boutique in New Farm, Brisbane, famous for its pom Poms, avant-garde embroidery, fluor-accented tassels. SFH Designs products are colourful and distinctive, with a global take on vintage and traditional fashions.

  • Chris Knight

    Chris Knight is a passionate humanitarian, writer and poet who loves promoting the achievements of women and supporting them to succeed in business and in life.  Her background includes corporate governance, compliance and the disability sector.  Chris provides training, mentoring and support services to women in government, business and the not-for-profit sector.

  • Joanne Brooks

    Joanne’s mission is to help female leaders to believe in themselves, to be confident inside and out knowing that by doing so they will create a positive impact. To reawaken their belief in self so they can lower their exhausting façade and know it is time to step into their future success.

  • Kerryn Powell

    Kerryn enables business owners, professionals & changemakers to engage in meaningful conversations that create purposeful connections and expanded contribution, to drive business, growth and fulfillment in ways they’ve never envisaged before.

    She is also the founder of Your Time Matters, a business networking community.

  • Gail Eaton-Briggs

    Gail’s motto is ‘Doing the work I love with the people I connect with to get the outcomes we both want.’ She does this in many ways – as a MC, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, Trainer & Assessor, Celebrant, Thought Leader and Author. Gail uses her extensive high-level leadership and operational experience to develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of her individual and business clients.

  • Kamila Wolyniec

    Kamila is a Career Coach for Quiet Achievers who are ready to be heard – She empowers quiet achievers to raise their voice, own their value, and fast-track to success. Her mission is to transform talented yet overlooked women into confident leaders who are heard, acknowledged, and valued in their careers.

  • Kat Lynn

    Kat is a foodie and knows the importance of connecting people and building a network of amazing business connections. Whether that is through learning how to take food photography or product photography, or working with Foodie Shots to capture your amazing story, menu or product.

  • Leanne Sklavenitis - Part 1

    Leanne Sklavenitis is an award winning Personal Trainer, Gym & Group Exercise Instructor with over 32 years in the health and wellness industry. Her passion has seen her travel the world as a Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach – just basically getting out there and helping people.

  • Leanne Sklavenitis - Part 2

    Despite being diagnosed with MND 7 years ago, Leanne has continued to successfully help her clients achieve their health, weight loss and wellbeing goals through her online wellness programs at – just not in her high heels anymore!!

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