Women's Network Australia, in collaboration with Welcome Change Media, is amplifying the stories of women in business through the WNA Trailblazers podcast.

In Episode 1, hear from Women’s Network Australia CEO about the importance of networking and mastering this skill.

Good and bad approaches to Networking: We’ve all seen them: those people who walk into a networking event, soon dealing their business cards out like a seasoned croupier at the casino’s poker table. Though they may understand the benefits of networking, engaging people requires skills that we all have, but are often too shy to take action.

Networking with Lynette Palmen

Some days it can feel like we’ve got so many challenges ahead of us, roadblocks to success as women. They’re there regardless of whether we’re running our own business or progressing a corporate career. It’s because of Trailblazing women like Lynette Palmen, founder of Women’s Network Australia, that some of the former roadblocks have been removed.

Innovations in Retail

Retail blazes a trail Managing and recovering from COVID is something many businesses have had to grapple with. One industry that has always relied on agility is the retail sector as retailers constantly look for strategies to move with the times and changing customer demands.

Positive Ageing for Women

What’s your next chapter? Women before us were working hard for our rights well before any of us were born, but it has only been in the last fifty years that we’ve gained momentum. As we reflect on the successes we’ve had earlier in life, growing older comes with the challenge of society’s stereotypes.

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