Uncomfortable Growth

Uncomfortable Growth was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when even
highly successful leaders struggled with the contradiction wired in all
of us: how to navigate fear, so uncertainty and challenge become a
source of growth, rather than overwhelm.

Unable to find an approach which integrated leadership, neuroscience,
and psychology with practical application to work and life, Rowena
developed Uncomfortable Growth.

With insightful frameworks and deeply personal examples spanning
Rowena’s career, relationships, motherhood and cancer, Uncomfortable
Growth is a blueprint for executive leaders looking to uncover who they
are, what they really want and how to make it happen.

Rowena is an inspirational leader and an exceptional human being, and
her book is incredibly motivational, practical and relevant

Aruna Natarajan – President

“Uncomfortable growth” acknowledges that behind success is first
fear. With imposter syndrome rife, this is a book the corporate world
desperately needs”

Pete Hurley – General Manager

‘Uncomfortable growth’ shares a beautiful story that guides leaders
on how to keep growing from the inside out”

Angela Burr – General Manager Marketing

Rowena is an expert at helping leaders navigate life’s crossroads.

Dan Gregory, Co-Founder, the Behaviour Report

Rowena’s writing combines striking simplicity with sophistication and
deep insight, which you can apply on an everyday basis.

Prashant Kumar, CEO and Founder

About the Author

Rowena Millward is a global leader in business and personal growth.

After twenty-five years working in Top 500 companies, she now provides
consulting and capability services for many of the world’s most admired
brands and companies. Rowena also provides executive career and life
coaching, helping leaders navigate crossroads to turn personal trials
into learning and new growth.

Uncomfortable Growth is Rowena’s second book, having launched
_Insights to Enlighten – for living, leading and marketing_ in 2021,
which became an Amazon best-seller in Business Communication and Brand

When she is not inspiring and empowering growth in others, she loves to
escape to Pearl Beach on the Central Coast in NSW (her happy place) and
spend time with her husband and two daughters swimming, laughing and
dreaming of what next.

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