On Your Own Two Feet

WNA Member Reader Review by Carol Haffke, of The Shoe Garden

Well, this was a perfect book for a proud shoe shop owner to review given the numerous references and puns about shoes and feet!

I immediately warmed to author Helen Baker. She began by sharing her own experiences with financial insecurity growing up and during her early career. Her story, and those told throughout the book as small case studies, were a highlight for me.

Helen’s mission is to get women to plan for financial stability, no matter at what stage of life they are at. She nominates five financial fundamentals: an emergency fund; a spending and investment plan; insurances; superannuation; and estate planning.

She has a golden rule that we can all sometimes forget in our haste to have more and be more: “spend less than you earn, borrow less than you can afford.”

As a single, small business owner, I was happy to see that I was represented in the book, with sections on Living Single as well as being Self Employed. I just wanted more of both, especially the financial nuances involved in having your own business. I guess our own personal circumstances are diluted in a book that covers most scenarios in lifestyle and employment arrangements from your 20s to your 70s and beyond.

Overall, it’s a good read but in trying to cover everyone, it means we don’t get a lot of information that’s personally and professionally relevant. I do love that all profits from the sale of Helen’s book go to charities that empower women.

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