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Corinna Essa | Social Media Worldwide

By: Corinna Essa, CEO, Social Media Worldwide | Friday 22 July, 2016

Corinna Essa, Social Media WorldwideWhile social media was considered a fad five years ago, now one in four people worldwide use it. There are two billion social media users!

Corinna Essa said social media was an extension of your website and if your business is not visible, your customers would think you have something to hide.

“You have to be on there in business today,” Corinna said.

“People will Google you. They do their due diligence on social media first before they decide whether they want to do business with you or not. It’s the invisible sales process. You don’t see it, but it’s real. It’s a huge part of the sales process. This is a new form of consumerism. You have to have an impeccable presence on Facebook and Twitter if you want to drive more sales.”

Corinna Essa, 31, is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing.

She has helped thousands of people and businesses from Australia, the UK, New Zealand, UAE, Switzerland and Cyprus get consistent returns from their social media marketing efforts.

She was raised in Greece and at the age of 17, left for London to study TV Production at the University of Westminster from 2002 to 2005 only to have her dreams shattered as she discovered the very unstable nature of the industry and the myth of careers.

After being made redundant five times by the age of 25 in odd jobs like selling popcorn at a cinema and being a production assistant for various television shows and commercials, she was totally over the industry.

When she lost her job in 2009 with Stefi Productions in Athens, Greece, she went on unemployment benefits for six months and did private English tuition until 2010. “I decided that I didn’t want to go through the embarrassment again of not being able to afford a cup of coffee,” she said.

“My unemployment benefits were 400 Euros per month and my rent was 700 euros per month. I couldn’t afford anything. I was asking for bits of money from family. I was barely scraping by and I thought, ‘This has to stop’. I couldn’t stand being that sort of person.”

She later decided to call her older brother, internet entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Mark Anastasi, who was based in Cyprus at the time.

“I asked him for advice on what to do with my career” she said.

“He said: ‘Come to one of my seminars in London and learn what I do instead’. I knew I wouldn’t find another job. It was the middle of the Global Financial Crisis, so I just followed his advice. I had no other choice.”

At the seminar she learned various strategies about online marketing that appealed to her, particularly the one about selling other people’s products on Twitter for a commission. 

“After seeing so many successful women entrepreneurs, I thought, ‘If they can do it, I can do it’. I decided I was going to implement one of the strategies I had discovered which involved building a big following on Twitter. I reached 100,000 followers in four months and in three weeks, I was making $250 per week working just two hours a day, which replaced the income I was earning.”

She went on to building a mailing list and created her own online course titled: “How to Make $700 a Week From Affiliate Marketing on Twitter”. Corinna’s first product launch in late 2011 resulted in 16 sales and a total of $15,952 overnight. “Social media allowed me to make what I used to make in a year, working 16 hours a day in television, in just one day. At that point, there was no going back” she says.

Through that environment, she met her internet marketing husband, also known as ‘The Webinar Guy’, Steven Essa that same year. They married 9 months later and now live the laptop lifestyle with a penthouse based in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

They run two companies together, x10 Effect and Cashflow Options, while Social Media Worldwide is Corinna’s baby.

Together, they run online marketing seminars and workshops around Australia three times a year and in NZ, the UK and US once a year.

They manage 27 staff from around Australia, France, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Philippines and India and turnover $4 million per year. Their book ‘Speedcash – The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Make Money Online’ – is coming out later this year.

Corinna aims to grow Social Media Worldwide further and build an even bigger team while being actively involved in finding homes for orphans. “I want to see a family for every orphan and help support foster agencies in Australia,” she said. “I want to make a difference in the world, this is what really drives me.”

Corinna’s tips on how to effectively use social media for business

  1. Optimise your social media profiles. Ensure they are ‘follow-worthy’. Have the profile fields filled in depth, use keyword rich content to rank higher in the search results and ensure your profile branding and description is congruent with your main business sales message.
  2. Post multi-dimensional content. Don’t always post the same type of content. You need to entertain, inform, give your audience ways to participate in your business, make them feel part of your brand, invite them to contribute, make people feel involved and part of the decision-making process. Some New York Times best-selling titles are based on feedback received on social media!

  3. Give VIP treatment to your audience on social media. If you give a gift, make it exclusive to social media. Always give your followers incentives and priority so they remain loyal and turn into brand evangelists. 

  4. Always track your efforts. Use tracking tools like Sprout Social, Insights on Facebook or Hootsuite so you can double up your efforts on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. For example, monitor the best times to post content for maximum engagement as it varies according to your audience, niche and who you are.

  5. Avoid automation. It’s frowned upon and picked up by the algorithms. Facebook for example won’t show your posts to as many of your fans if your content is automated, which will result in far less engagement.

  6. Link your social media with your other touch points i.e. websites, emails, business cards to grow your audience even further.7. Connect with influencers. You can find most of them on social media and will increase your exposure and build your credibility.8. Use more photos and videos instead of plain text. Studies show that visual content performs better than text-based content on most social networks.

To learn more about Corinna Essa or her business visit Social Media Worldwide or call T: (07) 5603 3934.


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