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Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2018

Working Women magazine

Working Women magazine | Summer 2016 - Autumn 2017 edition

Working Women magazine - Winter/Spring 2016 edition

Working Women magazine - Summer/Autumn 2016

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Working Women magazine Summer/Autumn 2015

Working Women magazine - Spring 2014 edition

Winter 2014 edition of Working Women magazine

Working Women magazine Autumn 2014 issue

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Working Women Magazine - Spring 13 edition

Working Women magazine

Working Women magazine - Autumn edition

working women magazine. A women's network australia publication

Working Women Magazine Spring 2012 edition

Working women business magazine

Working Women Magazine Autumn 2012

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Australia's magazine for working women

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What Our Readers Say

Working Women magazine is a great way to get to know the WNA Members and thier areas of expertise. The magazine shares very good topics covering all areas of business.
Megan LeLievre

I love Working Women magazine, you always feel up to speed with what's happening out there in the land of Women Business Owners after reading it and it's always introducting new ideas, strategies and concepts - love it all.
Linda McMahon

Working Women magazine is a great 'ice breaker' to hand out while networking, it's informative and full of great tips for both men and women in business. I also use it as a valuable gift to share with my existing and new business clients.
Sigrid de Kaste
Stickybeak Marketing 

I always look forward to receiving every edition. When my kids go to bed I light a candle, run a bath and enjoy'me time' reading Working Women magazine.
Jade Hedley
BE social. BE savvy. 

Very well presented, and a great opportunity for members to showcase their expertise! 
Dianna Jacobsen
Shine at Business

It's a well targeted magazine to working women. It always contains very useful, informative and powerful articles.
Janet Culpitt
Arrow Insurance Consultant Services Pty Ltd

I think the magazine is great. Not only is it informative but it also allows us to promote our business and the businesses of others through distributing the free bulk magazines, members are able to order.
Chauntelle McGill
Virtual Solutions Assistant

Very professional and it's a great way to promote your own business, giving credibility to what you say.
Doreen Schwegler
All Degrees of Health

It's an excellent, very inspiring, informative and entertaining magazine for working women. Much better than the celebrity gossip mags!
Sarah Cunningham
Sunnybank Hills General Practice

I think it's a great magazine - lots to read and I request bulk copies to give to clients and also to potential new members, as I regularly talk to colleagues and friends about it.
Jan Watman
Start Fresh Finance

I enjoy reading every issue for it's positive content. The articles are not too large, that I don't get to read them and not too small that they are a waste of space. The articles give me a chance to see what other business women are doing and how they present their businesses. As a WNA Member I am using the magazine as a giveaway to my clients to help to keep them positive in these tough economic times.
Jo-Anne Chaplin
Tax & Superannuation Professionals Pty Ltd

The fact that the magazine is made up of content and expertise submitted by WNA Members is a wonderful PR benefit for all of the women who join WNA. Working Women magazine offers amazing content covering a broad range of issues and tips for women in business. I just love sitting down and reading every issue.
Michelle Don Paul
Adept IP

The magazine is always fresh, relevant and informative. I receive fabulous feedback from my clients on how professional the magazine looks and how well it presents my articles. Thank you WNA for making me and my business appear credible.
Terri Mithcell
The Profit Frog

It is the type of magazine that you keep (and share) because the articles are a great example of contemporary business practices - all in one volume! It's the one magazine that I keep on my shelf and go back through when I am planning and reviewing the progress of my business every quarter. I use is as a resource to remind me of all the great business building ideas I have read, but not actioned. I love it!
Louise D'Allura
Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd

I find the business women featured in the magazine really inspiring - which is what WNA is all about to, isn't it?
Samantha Schelling
The Word Co Pty Ltd

I have been delighted to have had articles published in the last two editions of the magazine. Working Women magazine is a publication I am proud to distribute to all of my clients.
Shannon Bush
Creative Possibility

It is easy to read, with lots of practical advice for women in business. I have kept a number of copies for several years.
Judith Keller 
Higher Aspiration Training Solutions

I love it! I really like the recent design and the content is always fantastic, useful and such a good read. Often times I have read almost the whole magazine before I know it. It is also nice to still have something that I don't have to read on a screen :) Great work!
Debra Barber
Explosive Online Marketing

I love it. It compliments my business which is inspiring women to achieve success in all areas of the wheel of life. The magazine provides another resource and avenue for them to do that. Thank you for doing such an awesome job.
Sophie Trpcevski
The Womens Goals

It's jam-packed full of a diverse range of advertisements and articles containing high quality tips and information from professional and competent business people. It's a magazine to keep and refer to for a long time. Thank you!
Teresa Gratkowski
Pacific Breeze Australia Pty Ltd

I would again like to say a big "Thank You" for my article in Working Women. I always get such a thrill to see my articles published and chuffed that you feel my contributions are worthy of inclusion. I love to give away your magazines and all my new clients get a copy, as do my workshop attendees in their delegate bags. It is a valuable feature of my WNA membership and I really appreciate the opportunities you provide.
Marney Perna

I love the magazine. It's easy to read and there are always relevant articles. I love the picture you put on my article - I wanted a ‘birthday party’ type of theme but wasn't brave enough with my pictures - so well done! Thanks for publishing my article!
Marg Marshall
Wise Lord & Ferguson

Love it! My clients and friends have let me know after reading it what a quality magazine it is and asked more questions about WNA of which I am proud to be part of. It is a quality gift.
Kirsty O'Callaghan

I enjoy reading the articles where people express different perspectives on business. It is a fresh looking magazine, keep up the good work.
Sue Faulkner
Hot Women

A great read that looks fantastic also. There is always a good range of content in format small enough to keep good variety and long enough to give some really valid tips.
Pam Macdonald
Broadspring Consulting Pty Ltd

The magazine is fabulous; it provides great information and profiles and updates on existing members. It also provides opportunities available and keeps all members informed on issues impacting women. Keep up the great work.
Susan Rallings
RBS Morgans Limited

What can I say? I love the magazine and enjoy reading it from cover to cover, every edition. It has a lot of good, relevant articles that are easy to read and not too long - great for reading a little bit now and then, while enjoying a coffee break. I love the colour and images too.
Donna-Marie Coggins
Jacaranda Business Support Services

We find many of our clients enjoy reading the Working Women magazine and request a ‘take home’ copy.
Michelle Sytsma
Munruben Taxation & Business Services

I find it is always good to read the achievements of our members, particularly the young entrepreneurs. I must get myself organised and submit an article.
Margaret Campbell-Ryder
Red Hill Gallery

It is always full of useful pieces of information. We keep it on our lunch table and flick through it. The articles are brief which allows us to read a full article and gain knowledge in a very short time frame.
Jennifer O'Neill
Final Touch Australia

A wonderful magazine full of all sorts of issues for working women - a powerful magazine very informative and a great read. A wonderful resource.
Joanne Nelson
KeyCall Centres

I love the layout and the short and easily read stories. The tips and suggestions for business success are my favourite parts. The tips can be adapted to almost every business.
Deb Pickering
Intimo Lingerie

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