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WNA continues to introduce you into the lives of ordinary women who by anyone's measure are achieving extraordinary success. Read their stories and be inspired to succeed in your chosen career or business.

Hayley Birtles-Eades | Love Lockets
As an early school leaver at just 14 years of age, Love Lockets founder, HAYLEY BIRTLES-EADES has achieved rapid success. With no formal training or business qualifications, Hayley turned a $900 start up into a global brand turning over millions of dollars.
Kerrie Richards | Merino Country
Who would have thought that out of a terrible drought in Western Queensland and low commodity prices an amazing merino wool undies empire would be born?
Megan LeLievre | EvacMate
In the technology age, more and more women are at the forefront of innovative business ideas. Driven by personal observation and industry experience, MEGAN LELIEVRE’s start up is destined to change how buildings across the globe are evacuated during emergencies.
Tamar Krebs | Group Homes Australia
Entrepreneur TAMAR KREBS assembled a syndicate of investors who shared in her unique vision of accommodating the elderly instead of warehousing them and in the process she has set a new standard for the delivery of aged care in Australia.
Aimee Engelmann | Beepo Limited
It’s often said that our moments of greatest need present us with the opportunity for our greatest triumph. This is certainly the case for entrepreneur AIMEE ENGELMANN, whose challenges when running her business from home inspired the global success of her latest venture - a multi-million dollar offshoring company.
Susan Rallings | Morgan Stanley
Surviving and thriving in today’s dynamic business environment is challenging. SUSAN RALLING, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, shares how by being open to opportunities and not stagnating in the same role, her career path has unfolded in ways she could never have envisaged.
Sian and Azelene Williams | Kidzucate Inc.
The children in our lives are powerful catalysts for change, as SIAN WILLIAMS, the co-founder of Kidzucate Inc. proves. ANDREA HENSHER of Words That Serve describes how a personal challenge inspired this primary school student to start a unique global project that is changing lives for the better.
Cheryl Loots | Safari Life
The road to success is so often scattered with unexpected twists and turns and you have to have faith and determination in yourself. Entrepreneur, CHERYL LOOTS could never have imagined her destiny and the worldwide demand for her product range which protects humans from insect and mosquito borne diseases.
Judy Cheung-Wood | SkinB5
Talk about having some skin in the game. Entrepreneur, JUDY CHEUNG-WOOD’s nutritional supplement approach, determination and business acumen have propelled her super dose natural skincare product onto the world stage.
Christine Taylor | Aussie Pooch Mobile
Celebrating 25 years in business is a milestone in itself, but you know your business is successful when Harvard University uses it as a case study and teaching tool for their business degree students. So how did a 16 year old Brisbane girl CHRISTINE TAYLOR build Australia’s first dog wash franchise and turn it into an award winning global success?
Corinna Essa | Social Media Worldwide
Social media marketing strategist and educator CORINNA ESSA said Social Media used to be an add-on for business, but now it’s central and vital to business marketing strategies.
Leimin Duong | Zeven Lemon
Unlikely beer enthusiast, LEIMIN DUONG, saw an opportunity to create beers to appeal to an audience beyond the traditional beer market. Leaving her job in banking, she jumped in the deep end and taught herself about brewing beer and about business. Now, two years on, her unique Strawberry Blonde beer is selling in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the ACT and will soon be available Australia wide, with more varieties yet to come.
Cristina Re | A Brand Based On All Things Beautiful
What started with a vision and a beautiful range of DIY stationery has blossomed into one of the fairy-tale brands to emerge from Melbourne’s design scene in the past decade. Our branding reporter, Emelye Lovell, sat down with CRISTINA RE to share tales of business, beauty and being a brand icon.
Tanya Titman | Consolid8
With more than half of all Australian mothers returning to work when their youngest child turns two, the demand for childcare services is rapidly outgrowing availability. Onsite childcare remains the holy grail of workplace entitlements and is mostly only available to employees of large organisations. Small business owner, TANYA TITMAN, proves it is possible for SMEs to provide an onsite childcare facility and is reaping the rewards of this investment.
Emelye Lovell | Bellman
Young entrepreneur EMELYE LOVELL’s traumatic personal journey shaped not only her life but her branding agency which is built on the philosophy ‘what you make people feel is more important than what you make’.
Melanie Schilling | Psychologist and Dating Coach
As one of Australia’s leading relationship experts and dating coaches, MELANIE SCHILLING pushes business women to think and act as strategically about their relationships and dating as they do about their careers and businesses.
Deborah Wilson | OnTalent Career Management Services
From administrator to CEO, DEBORAH WILSON’s career journey shows that with flexibility, tenacity and well developed leadership skills, career success is yours for the taking.
Lyn Lewis-Smith | Business Events Sydney
Spending the majority of her time travelling the globe building strategic relationships and promoting Sydney as a destination of choice, LYN LEWIS-SMITH’s impressive career portfolio sees her flying high.
Linda Kozlowski | Evernote
From corporate communications and public relations to marketing and company operations including global expansions, LINDA KOZLOWSKI’s career has taken her around the globe. Take note of her tips and you too can be highly productive and successful in your career or business.
Kay Ganley | Charlton Brown
As a wife, mother and an education professional with decades of experience, KAY GANLEY knows the importance of balancing family time along with her passion and commitment to her industry.
Bree Robbins | Paddington Pups
The success of entrepreneur Bree Robbins's doggy day care empire is an inspiration to anyone starting their own small business. With little capital, no experience running a business and just trusting her intuition Bree has built her fledging business, Paddington Pups into a booming enterprise.
Aleisha Haslemore | Ultimate Edge Communications
Reinventing herself with a drive and determination learnt as a child on the ice skating rink, this super charged female entrepreneur is set to skate through any barriers that might stand in her way. ALEISHA HASLEMORE is already edging her way up the top echelons of business women and is someone to be watched over the next decade.
Catriona Pollard | CP Communications
Do you believe in yourself and your power? If you take your cue from CATRIONA POLLARD, you will be on your way to stepping into the spotlight to tell your story, connect with people and capitalise on your expertise.
Wendy Eade | Eaden Sleepwear
The inspiring story of a 50 plus stay-at-home mum and her unplanned journey to successful entrepreneurship, and all because of her personal experience with ‘change of life’.
Jessica Byrnes | Escape Lounge
Like most successful entrepreneurs, JESSICA BYRNES has an adventurous spirit and is always on the lookout for the next big opportunity.
Jane Lu | SHOWPO
If you had asked JANE LU four years ago where she thought she would be in 2014, the idea of being the CEO of a million dollar online fashion retailer would have been nothing but a distant dream.
Tracy Kearey | Home Loan Connexion
According to TRACY KEAREY, women can be successful, whether in the still predominantly male world of Australian finance or in their own businesses, by utilising their unique strengths as women. In fact, those key qualities that helped Tracey progress from personal assistant to successful mortgage broker and eventually senior partner are common female traits.
Cally Lyons | Evoque Pty Ltd
According to CALLY LYONS, having a plan, gathering the right people and being persistent are all requirements to achieving success as a business woman. These are three factors she has always stood by throughout her business life, from selling travel and phones in her earlier years, through establishing one of Brisbane’s premier catering businesses to stock-broking, financial planning and philanthropic investment.
Tristan Fahey | RubiFresh Skincare
As a brand and innovation specialist TRISTAN FAHEY has been helping corporate brands unlock growth for more than 24 years. In 2012 she embarked on a new venture, launching her own premium natural skincare brand, Rubifresh. She believes that one of the greatest lessons she has learnt in small business is to think like a corporate.
Jenny Folley | Corporate Executive Offices
A desire to return to the workforce and yet avoid placing her youngest daughter in childcare led JENNY FOLLEY to start up her own business offering serviced offices to small businesses. Determined to succeed, she weathered a recession and eventually expanded nationally and now has offices in Bahrain and the Philippines.
Natasha Zuvela | ‘Shine on Camera’
NATASHA ZUVELA is an expert at getting people out of their comfort zones and conquering their fears so that they can shine on camera. Her personal journey is evidence that it is possible to overcome fears and obstacles and to shine not only in front of a camera but in all areas of life.
Marina Bertolino | Berty Button Kids Pty Ltd
Many businesses do literally start at the kitchen bench. But who would have imagined a handful of jelly beans as the catalyst for a heavy haulage trucking company and a line of storybooks delighting children across the globe.
Carren Smith | Quantum Leadership Group
The importance of authenticity in business is a mantra that she lives by. Her business has risen from the ashes of her past depression not only making it possible for her to honour loved ones she has lost in her journey but also making her a brilliant public speaker and inspiration to those around her.
Bernadette Schwerdt | Australian School of Copywriting
When she isn’t acting in roles on television shows like Neighbours, Blue Heelers, The Games and Jack Irish (with Guy Pearce), you will find her just as happy in her other roles as the inspiring founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, and as a mum.
Saxon Rice | Liberal National Party Queensland
With a successful career as an international legal and employment expert, what would motivate a bright and accomplished young woman to return to Brisbane in order to focus on helping people in her local community? For Saxon Rice, it’s all about caring for people and giving back to the community.
Karen Jacobsen | The GPS Girl
Finding the right direction for your life can often prove challenging and sometimes life takes you on a path you weren’t expecting. Karen Jacobsen didn’t see her future as the ‘GPS girl’ coming but it is now her trademark.
Olivia Maragna | Aspire Retire Financial Services
For most people, the idea of having enough money to retire comfortably at 40 years of age or less is little more than a pipe dream. For financial planner and accountant Olivia Maragna, it’s definitely a reality.
Liz Davenport | Fashion Designer
Liz Davenport is one of Australia’s most celebrated fashion designers. Starting out in 1972 as a fashion agent in Perth, WA, within three years Liz had created her first signature collection. By 1979 her designs were being sold in more than 300 boutiques and department stores throughout Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.
Kelly Baker | Edible Blooms
Kelly Baker is the Founder and Managing Director of online gift retailer Edible Blooms. Opening as an owner-operator business, Kelly quickly grew a unique concept into a national gift delivery service with company-owned stores in 4 states, an international affiliate store in New Zealand and a database of over 50,000 clients.
Samea Maakrun | Sasy n Savy
Samea is the founder of Sasy n Savy an Australian owned company that manufactures and sells 100% Australian made natural and organic aromatherapy, day spa products. Samea currently exports her products to 13 countries.
Debbie Benefield | Mrs Fields Cookies Australia
Debbie has always taken a no-fuss hands-on approach to everything she does. She has taken her business from turning over $1 million per annum in less than 5 years to the present - 17 cookie stores across Australia with 280 employees.
Keran Wicks | Network Video
You’re not likely to forget a meeting with Keran Wicks. She’s a Melbourne mother of two, a high school drop out who has built a successful business from the boot of her car, and she can certainly hold her own in the boardroom.
Jane Meredith | Secrets Shhh...
Jane Meredith is not your average business women. She has taken a gem of an idea and turned it into an international empire. She heads up Secrets Shhh… and is as passionate now as the day she began her business.
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