Women (and some men too!) join Women's Network Australia for a range of reasons and a huge range of benefits. Before joining any organisation it's always good to know how others feel about the group and what they have to say about belonging.

Here’s just a small taste of what our Members have to say about belonging to the WNA Community. We look forward to you having a read and then joining yourself up.

Thank you Janelle you bring a wonderful energy to WNA. You’ve already made a difference. It’s called Women’s Network Australia for a reason. We can create fabulous business relationships and learn from masters still with an authentic soft energy.

Anne Noonan
Yoga Forever with Anne Noonan

I attended the Business Insights Lunchtime Learning Session with Jillian Bullock on Thursday 22 March. I learnt a lot and will sign up again so I can catch what I missed.

Jan Stevenson
Cycle Away

WNA brings out the best in women through their behaviours, interactions, relationships and in networks with other men. I admire tremendously the growth of Women’s Network Australia and in particular its extension to women all over the country. Thankyou Janelle and the WNA Team.

Chris Knight
Inspirational Connections

Everything the people the knowledge and the connections.  I could not have started my fledgling business without this family of talented amazing women who hold each other up. Women who hold up the sky!


Mary Crofton
The Wardrobe Architect
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