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Tue 19 May @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

WNA Virtual | Episode Four


Tech Tips in Tough Times

About WNA Virtual:

Women’s Network Australia provides women in business with support and education to survive and thrive.  With live events on hold, we’re taking WNA Virtual connect nationally including our regional small business communities.

Join us for the first Season of WNA Virtual where inspiring speakers and business leaders share their secrets to business success.  Season One includes six live episodes as well as learning materials (workbook, fact sheet or activity prior to or after the session) along with the recording so you can watch again.

Preview – Episodes Four

Tech Tips in Tough Times

Attend this session to learn what you can do when the going gets tough and how your software could help you. We’ll run through the 4 P’s Pause, Purge, Plan and Promote. For those of you that haven’t claimed your Google MyBusiness yet (which is very beneficial for a business) or want to know some tricks to move up against your competitors, we will focus on that in the Promote session. You’ll come out of this session with valuable knowledge and action steps to take at this time.

More from Nici

 “It is sometimes the smallest tip that can make a huge impact on your business, so come along for all the tips.”

About Nici Bickley

After 25 years in the software technology industry supporting clients, Nici understands how to explain complex software in simple terms. A light bulb moment for Nici was realising that clients put software in place but don’t have time to learn about new features that come out in future releases. Nici started a Facebook group NiciTechTips, explaining tips and tricks for the iPhone. The group has quickly grown to over 6000 followers. Nici developed the Autom8Now Facebook group and active Youtube channel.

In times of turbulence, it’s tempting to think of marketing as a switch that can be turned on and off. But that’s not how it works. Marketing is an engine that starts slowly and builds up momentum. The more fuel you add, the more momentum you gain and the more effective it is. So, what do you need to do in the current climate and how do you continue your market activities when budgets are drying up?


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