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Lynette Palmen AM

Founder and Patron
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Be Mentored

Mentoring sessions provide you with the time out from your everyday activities to focus on progressing your career or business. Mentoring sessions give you the opportunity to manage your own learning so you can maximise your potential, develop new skills and improve your performance.

When you're not sure which way to turn Lynette’s business experience, understanding and empathy will help you to find the right direction for you and your business. She helps you to believe in yourself and boosts your confidence so you can move forward. She asks questions and challenges your thoughts and actions, while providing guidance and encouragement.

Being mentored by Lynette will allow you to explore new ideas in a safe and supported environment. If you want to become more self aware and take responsibility for the direction that you are heading opposed to leaving it all to chance – mentoring can help.

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1:1 Business Mentoring

Everyone needs a mentor? 

At Women's Network Australia we know the satisfaction and independence that pursuing a successful career or owning your own business can bring. We also know the intense challenges and issues involved in being successful.

Over the past 28 years Lynette Palmen AM, the Founder and Patron of Women's Network Australia, has mentored thousands of women in business turning their dreams of business ownership and career success into a reality.

Lynette's Business Mentoring Sessions are specifically designed to deal with your individual business needs. Nothing can move your business faster and further than having your own personal business mentor positioned to support you in your goals.

How it works?

In your first session Lynette will spend time analysing and discussing your specific business needs and immediate concerns. You will leave your first session highly motivated, organised and armed with an action plan that, if implemented, will bring instant results to your business.

After the first session participants find regular sessions with Lynette, becomes part of their business schedule. Many women cherish the opportunity to take time out to regularly discuss (be it in person or on skype) their business ideas, thoughts and progress in an objective, empathetic and confidential manner.

Where do we meet?

Flexible delivery options are available. Depending on your location - you can undertake your mentoring sessions face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype. We can discuss delivery when you call. In case you are wondering - business or life partners are most welcome to sit in on the session.   

How many sessions will I need?

The length of time or number of sessions you book is entirely up to you. For some women one session might be all they need to get them on their way. For other women monthly mentoring sessions are the way they choose to be continually working on their businesses. 

Mentoring sessions can assist you with:

  • Establishing a business networking organisation in your area;
  • The basic steps required when starting-up your own business;
  • Support and ongoing development for your business;
  • Identifying and locating clients who will want to do business with you;
  • Start-up finance and operating capital for your business; 
  • Keeping you accountable and on track so you achieve your goals;
  • Coping mechanisims when working alone in a home-based business;
  • Improving your confidence and motivation so you retain momentum;
  • Setting clear objectives and future direction for new or existing businesses;
  • Developing marketing, social media communications and business plans;
  • Identifying new markets and opportunities you're not tapping into;
  • Strategies that will increase your sales and profit margins;
  • Building your networking and self promotion capital and much more.

What's the cost?

  • WNA Member:  Initial sessions 1.5 hrs - $195  |  Follow-up sessions 1 hr - $150
  • NON Member:   Initial sessions 1.5 hrs - $425* |  Follow-up sessions 1 hr - $150 
    (*Initial $425 session automatically includes a 1 year membership to Women's Network Australia).

Booking your mentoring session:

To book your Mentoring Session with Lynette complete the contact form at the bottom of this page or call our office on T: 1800 052 476.

Mentee feedback:

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynette Palmen as my mentor/coach. The main reason I engaged Lynette was to help me sort out all the thoughts and ideas that were jumbled up in my mind, and start getting into some proper action. I needed someone who really 'gets' me, and who can make suggestions that will streamline my businesses and make my life easier!

Throughout my time with Lynette, she has proven to be a trusted and knowledgeable partner. She is empathetic in the hard times, and yet challenges me to think outside the square and implement my new ideas to take my businesses to the next level.  And, although she's always on hand to help me see the funny side of situations, she has a 'tough love' style which works really well for me, as she is someone I respect and whom I know has 'been there and done it all before'.

I would highly recommend Lynette's mentoring service to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level, or who simply wants someone to support them through their current stage.
Samantha McDonald

Dare Coaching Academy 

I've known Lynette Palmen (from a distance) for many years. I've always admired her candour, get-on-with-it attitude, and nous, so she was my logical choice as a mentor. I found her holistic approach intriguing at first, and then very practical. As a successful copywriter my work includes helping others to advance their businesses, however, I was "very stuck" when it came to advancing my own. "Lack of time" was really just my way of saying "where to begin?!". 

If I'm not sure about things (hence am avoiding them!), Lynette works through them with me at that moment; systematically, pragmatically. Her guidance and encouragement — delivered with humour and bluntness — have helped me to believe in myself again. And believe that I really can take that next step in success. Her words are strong, yet gentle, and always, always, imbue the greatest excitement of what is within me.
Samantha Schelling
The Word Co. Pty Ltd

Lynette she is a brilliant inspirational lady.  Since I joined WNA and I've undertaken mentoring sessions with Lynette my business has taken off and expanding.
Sue Davey
Managing Director,
Brainy Child Education

Life has certainly changed and I credit a lot of that to you and the time I spend with you. That lid that was on my success has flown off well and truly.  I tell people now that if they want to get on with it, come and see you, it was the best thing I ever did.  You are an amazing woman and I am glad you are somewhere in my story.
Kirsty O'Callaghan
Unity - QLD

One on one mentoring sesssions with Lynette are a great help to my business. It refocuses me on where I am going instead of spending time reacting to the day to day events.
Claire Moffat
Managing Director
Connected Women Pty Ltd


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