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Women (and some men too!) join Women's Network Australia for a range of reasons and a huge range of benefits. Before joining any organisation it's always good to know how others feel about the group and what they have to say about belonging. Here's just a small taste of what our Members have to say about belonging to the WNA Community. We look forward to you having a read and then joining yourself up. 

Since my return from Asia over a year ago I’ve been a member of Women’s Network Australia; I can confidently say that it has proven to have been an excellent decision. Every event that I have attended has added value to our business, the speakers are always informative and the event well run - thank you to Lynette and the team for providing such a valuable resource.
Christine Petersen
Managing Director
Time Technology

Thank you for such a great experience - I had a great time! It was honestly the best networking event I have been to, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming.
Trish Evans
Founder/Career Adviser
Solution Focused Consulting

I am a new member and want to thank you for making me feel so welcome at my first networking luncheon. I just loved the energy in the room, and will certainly be honoured to become a regular participant, learning and growing from my peers. I would love some WNA business cards, so I can promote the organisation to the businesswomen I know. 
Lisa M Crozier
H2H Business Management & Process Delivery Solutions 

I've been a Member and proudly so, of WNA for 11 years and have the privilege of being the Regional Co-Ordinator within our local community.  WNA’s services are just so comprehensive, resourceful and useful to current business trends and provide such high value for business women. Being part of a business network where you can speak with the Founder and Managing Director relatively instantly and directly in today’s automated culture, is priceless.
Marina Bertolino
Managing Director
Berty Button Kids

I just wanted to thank you as it has been another year of growth for my business. I love your networking events and being able to connect with others and learn from the guest speakers. I come away inspired each time and with a ‘TO DO’ list!  I am looking forward to much more networking at WNA in the year ahead.
Deb McNair
McNair Editing Services

I would like to thank you for all your support.  My business is bigger and better because of WNA.  I have been very fortunate to have had a great year in business wise and that is largely due to the support, friendships and collaborations I have developed through my membership with WNA.  I have landed speaking gigs, business and clients through recommendations from WNA Members.  I get the most out of live events, shaking hands, chatting and listening to speakers share their wisdom, hints and tips.  I am most grateful for the growth of WNA in the North Lakes region, and the support given by your organisation to the empowerment of women in the region.  
Kirsty O'Callaghan

I am a new member and I attended my first WNA networking event in North Lakes, I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel so welcome and engaged. 
Jennifer Cahill
Inspired Clarity

Thank you for your warm hospitality at the North Lakes Networking Power Tea. It was my first WNA event. Whilst I was apprehensive, I was very impressed at the warmth and welcome WNA and the other business women in the room extended. Even though it was a two hour + drive each way - I would like to tell you it was more than worth the time and effort.
Suzanne Ramsden
Ramsden Farm

I am overwhelmed with what is available at WNA to help me get my business started. Like all little ducks you have to struggle out of the shell and jump in the water and learn to keep those little feet moving even if you spin around in circles for a while before you get your sense of direction. I look forward to exploring all the options available in WNA and contributing and promoting WNA to others in my networks.
Chris Knight
Inspirational Connections

I am in the process of putting together my media clipping portfolio and realised how supportive WNA has been of me and my business. I just wanted to thank you because laid out end to end, I look really impressive. I couldn’t have done that without you and your belief in me - so this is just a big thank you for enabling me to write that material and have it published on your website and in the network's magazine 'Working Women'.
Bernadette Schwerdt,
Copywriting Coach, TV Presenter and Director
Australian School of Copywriting

Thanks to everyone in the WNA Head Office team. Your have helped me to make so many changes with so many different aspects to the business, equipment and contacts in the last few months it has been an amazing experience. Last week’s networking event was amazing with yet another fabulous speaker. Am always excited to learn more and more, and WNA has it all. Thank you so much.
Louise Corica
Time2Manage - Business Management Solutions

Joining WNA has been the best business decision I’ve made, to be involved in the networking process when opening my own clinic has so beneficial to me. When I was first starting out in my business your WNA networking group was my very first group to join. I attended that first luncheon in absolute trepidation and fear! I was a complete unknown, didn’t know anyone else going and to top it off I was a kinesiologist. Again very few would know or understand what I did and many people think it its freaky. However after being greeted by WNA Staff who included me in their conversations, I soon settled down and enjoyed the experience. I find WNA's Founder and Director, Lynette Palmen AM so droll and down to earth and I love her easy, if strict, manner of telling people what to do. I love being a member of WNA and take any chance to tell others about how great it is. I have had the opportunity to have trade tables, lucky door prizes, write and have published articles and generally grown my business enormously through being a member. Every new client receives one of your magazines as a gift and I also hand them out at all my workshops and speaking events from Mango Hill to Mackay.
Marney Perna
Kinique Kinesiology

Thanks so much for publishing my article in Working Women magazine. I am honoured to a Member of  WNA. You really do a great job at all the networking events and all the great people involved, it is an amazing organisation.
Leanne Sklavenitis
Healthy Active Lifestyle Training

It was an absolute pleasure and joy seeing you and your gorgeous “girls” at the WNA Christmas Luncheon event. It was a fun filled, immensely enjoyable and highly entertaining event, with loads of fun, lots of laughter and so many amazing treats, gifts and surprises. You and your team always put on an amazing event and I’m honoured and privileged to be a part of the WNA community and benefit from the professional, supportive, educational, fun filled environment and opportunities you provide for your Members.  You are a true gift to all Lynette, thank you.
Karen Low
Coach Me Now

I love attending the WNA events on the Gold Coast, I meet a whole bunch of new people, lots of great contacts and potential work to follow up on. The venue has easy parking and the food is amazing.
Natalie Alaimo
Natalie Alaimo International

We have been attending the WNA Christmas Parties for over 10 years and every year they just seems to get better and better. Fantastic value for money - from the food to the entertainment. WNA never ceases to impress me, definitely a highlight of the festive season for Sasy n Savy and all who attend.
Samea Maakrun
Sasy N Savy Pty Ltd

I just love Women's Network Australia and the ability of women to mix business with pleasure. I also marvel at the ability of women to support each other in business, finding some level of integration that provides a healthy growth for all concerned. Very different to the very divided and lonely world of fierce competition.
Gai Hook
Virtual Strategy Sales

Lynette - thanks again for WNA's ongoing support. I enjoyed the buzz of the 'Speed Networking' event this month - close to chaos, but a good feel! As well as the opportunity to promote my trek for charity. What don't you get from being a Member of WNA? An amazing organisation to belong to.
Dianne Jeans
General Manager
Smart Service Queensland

I owe my job to WNA. Thank you for advertising great positions vacant on your eNoticeBoard. I value Lynette and her staff's commitment to bringing out the best in women through their behaviours, interactions, relationships and in networks with other men. I admire tremendously the growth of Women's Network Australia and in particular its extension to women all over the country.
Helen Wedlake
Business Development
Business Sustainability

Congratulations on your winning formula, attention to detail, your amazing website, the great weekly eNoticeBoard (Lynette's editorials each week), the fabulous magazine and more. I may not attend every event but I definitely feel that I am part of WNA through the many services offered to its members.
Karen Curran
Unicorn Graphics

WNA is one of Australia's most professionally run networks. The online services keep you in the loop and informed. You certainly get value for your membership dollar.
Robyn Henderson
General Manager
Networking To Win

WNA is fantastic! It is a great way to build your network, get new business and make new friends!
Catriona Pollard
CP Communications Pty Ltd

I most enjoy the friendships, support and understanding with like-minded women.
Donna-Marie Coggins
Jacaranda Business Support Services

It is an extremely well run networking organisation and WNA Members are always friendly and keen to offer assistance.
Delma Newton
Total Portfolio Management Pty Ltd

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