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Our eNoticeBoard service can be used to fast-track your message to our national data-base of business and professional women. It's the electronic classifieds that speaks to, for and about women.

Booking details:

Deadline: Every Friday at 12:00 noon. 

 Fortnightly on Tuesday
For your advertisement to be included in next Tuesday's edition you will need to book by this Friday at 12:00 noon. Late bookings received after 12:00 noon on a Friday are held over for the next edition.


$45.00 for WNA Members | $95.00 for Non-Members. Join now and pay the discounted rate - (read more)

Helpful tips:

When placing online advertising, whether it is with WNA or anyone else, always make sure that you're monitoring and tracking spikes in traffic by analysing your web statistics. This way you can test to see if your advertising dollar spend is translating into sales leads, actual sales or, more importantly, if it's boosting your overall search engine ranking. When submitting the hyperlink for your advertisement, don't just use your home page URL - go deeper. WNA Members are busy women and when they click on a link they want it to take them to the exact page on your site relevant to the text you have used in your advertisement. Women will leave your site within seconds if they don't find what they are looking for immediately. It is not rocket science - if you want results from online advertising, just think like your potential customers would.

Conditions and terms of use:

Copy and editing rights of the weekly eNoticeBoard template are owned by Women's Network Australia. No responsibility is taken for claims or advice contained in advertisements. Before placing your advertisement please ensure you read the full 'Conditions of Use'.

Need assistance?

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy and we offer advice and support for first time advertisers. If prior to making a submission you need assistance or have questions regarding placing your advertisement, please contact us on T: 1800 052 476. 

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