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Women's Network Australia's (WNA) networking events continue to attract an amazingly diverse range of women from a broad range of business sectors. By frequently attending our events you'll always be connecting with new contacts so you can develop business relationships and create strategic alliances.

Members can increase the profile of their business with those who attend our events by donating a door prize which then entitles them to place promotional material, samples or gifts into all delegates' take home satchels.

Frequently asked questions: 

Do I need to be a financial Member of WNA to access this opportunity? The short answer is 'yes'. Financial Members of WNA have paid membership fees which entitle them to a suite of exclusive membership benefits, this promotional opportunity is one of them. 

Can I use WNA branding on my prize or promotional material? The short and legal answer is 'no'. All Women's Network Australia branding is trade marked and the use of our logo, branding, wording or intellectual property is an infringement. However, WNA Members do have permission to use an appropriate level of WNA branding with our Member eBadge. This Member only privilege must only be used whilst a financial Member.  

What type and value of prize do I have to donate? We leave this entirely up to you. However, your choice of prize will create an impression the audience makes in relation to your business. So give careful thought to how you wish to be positioned in the market place and the impression you wish to relay. We would suggest that unless you own a vineyard you steer clear of the 'all too predictable' bottle of wine. Instead be creative in your choice and ensure your gift makes your business stand out from the crowd.

What type of prize is NOT acceptable? It should go without saying, but discount vouchers or 'two for the price of one' type vouchers will not be accepted as a prize. Any prize that requires the winner to contribute money to claim their prize will not be accepted. There are to be 'no strings attached' to claiming a prize.

I am a service business and I don't know what to donate as a prize. We discourage you from giving your services away for free. Instead we want you to give some thought as to what benefits your clients derive from doing business with you. Does your business save them time, money, provide relaxation, inspire or help them find direction? Try selecting a gift that relates to the benefits of doing business with you. Just to give a few examples: a life coaching business might give a road directory - 'We help our clients find their way', a law firm might give a skin care package carrying the tag line - 'We'll save your skin every time'.

I need marketing assistance to come up with my gift idea, can WNA help? If you're stuck for an idea you are most welcome to talk to the WNA Marketing Team. They are experienced at coming up with great ideas and generating unique concepts for Members to profile and market their businesses at our events.

Do I have to notify WNA that I intend to donate a prize? No you do not need to notify us prior to the event. The system is a recognised service for all WNA Members to utilise. However, you will need to arrive no less than 20 minutes prior to the event commencing. On arrival you will be registered at the front door by WNA staff and ushered into the room. Once in the event room you place your gift on the prize table and from there you busy yourself placing your promotional material on the chairs of all attendees.

Can I place my promotional material on the place settings instead of the chairs? The simple answer is 'no'. Door prize donor promotional material is not to be placed on the tables as this area is reserved for the Guest Speaker and WNA materials only.

How do I know how many pieces of promotional material to bring to the event? WNA Head Office phones ring hot the day before each of our events with those donating lucky door prizes calling to obtain final numbers of guests attending our various events. If you need an estimate of numbers prior to this for any of our events, don't hesitate to call and speak with WNA staff on T: 1800 052 476. They will be happy to give you a rough estimate of the expected numbers attending.

Prizes you donate at our annual Brisbane Christmas Party. At our Brisbane Christmas Party all donated prizes are used for our charity raffle. The monies raised from the sale of raffle tickets is used to support the many charitable projects conducted by WNA's Community Partnership Program throughout the year. If you are attending our Annual Brisbane Christmas Party you are encouraged to turn up with a prize for the raffle. In return you can place your promotional material on all attendees' chairs.

Have more questions? 

If you have any additional questions regarding donating a door prize in return for inserts into delegate satchels at our events or any other promotional activities we offer, don't hesitate to contact the WNA Marketing Team at our Head Office on T: 1800 052 476.

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