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Mon 5 Jul 2021

5 Essential Oils to Try for Stress Relief

Health & Wellbeing
It can sometimes feel like your hectic lifestyle is getting the better of you.

You might be running your own business, working long hours, or managing a household, and these can all cause high levels of stress.  

While there are many different ways to manage that pressure, some people turn to essential oils to soothe both body and mind.


If you’re ready to try something new, here are five essential oils that many people swear by for stress relief.      


Some studies have found that lavender essential oils have a calming effect on the body and mind while reducing anxiety. Seeking professional help can also assist with any turmoil you’re experiencing, but there’s no harm in also trying lavender.  

You may like to use a lavender oil spray on your clothing or even drink a lavender-infused herbal tea. Massage oils and bath salts featuring lavender may also help you relax and experience short-term relief from your day’s stresses.  

Ylang Ylang 

Ylang-ylang may not be the best option for those heading to business meetings or elevator pitches due to how it can impair your memory, but it may be suitable for skyrocketing stress levels.  

This essential oil has been presented in preliminary research as one that may be able to decrease stress hormone levels and, sometimes, even blood pressure. Simply use it with water in an oil diffuser, and carry on with your day.  


It can take a long time to learn how to manage your stress levels, and some days will be harder to handle than others. On those particular high-pressure days, consider combining bergamot oil with a carrier oil and applying it to your skin or putting it in a bath.  

Bergamot comes from citrus fruit peel and may be helpful for stress relief. In one study, it showed some promise in lowering saliva cortisol levels and improving negative emotions.  


It’s only natural to worry from time to time. You might worry about your family, your job, or your future. To help ease the feelings associated with worry, you may like to try neroli essential oils. This oil is sourced from the bitter orange tree and smells spicy and sweet. While it can liven up any room, some people also find that it helps ease their worries and feelings of uneasiness.  

Clary Sage 

Throughout the Middle Ages, Clary sage was used for its medicinal properties. While we now have effective pharmaceutical products for many ailments, there’s no harm in reaching for something that has proved so popular for centuries.  

Clary sage may be able to help you relax and calm down when a day’s events have taken a toll on your body and mind. Simply combine Clary sage oil in a spray bottle with water and spritz it over your bed pillow before you go to sleep. You may even see the value in applying it to your pulse points.  

There are so many excellent tools, tips, and techniques to help us deal with the daily stresses we face. If you’ve been thinking of incorporating something new, see if any of these essential oils have a place in your life. Something as simple as a hot bath with lavender may be all it takes to feel calm, relaxed, and stress-free.   

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