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Tue 5 Sep 2017

5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for the Travel Industry

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The travel industry is wide, and it includes companies that provide different travel services. The service providers in the travel industry include travel agencies, tour operators, internet vacation reservations, and cruise lines. With the advent of the internet, most of these services can be found online, mainly to aid in convenience. Vacations can be booked online, rental cars booked in advance, and even the hiring of tours can be done online. The use of SEO and keywords for these companies is very important. The importance is two-way, as it benefits both the companies in the travel industry and the service providers.

How to Use SEO to Increase Traffic to your Travel Website

Digital marketing for the travel industry is common nowadays, and below are three ways you can use SEO to increase traffic to your website:

  • Use keywords correctly

The best way to use keywords is by ensuring that you have detailed your service in just a few words, maybe 3 or 4 words. Avoid keyword stuffing as you might be penalised for this. Moreover, ensure that your keywords use a simple and direct language that an average person is likely to use. The use of complicated keywords may work against you as fewer people are likely to use complicated language in a search engine.

  • Take advantage of social media.

Social media sites contain one of the widest markets in the world. Take advantage of social sites to market your services. As the provider of travel services, it is best to use images as they are more eye-catching than mere words.

  • Ensure your travel website is mobile friendly.

Chances are that not everyone accessing your website has a computer. Therefore, to increase the chances of your site being accessed, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

The reason why SEO is important for your online success if you are in the travel industry are as highlighted below:

1. It aids in increasing traffic that converts.

The main reason why keywords are important for SEO is that with keywords, the traffic that is directed to a particular website is more likely to convert. To give an example, say the keyword for a particular website is “cheap vacation destinations.” If someone searches for the keyword, they are probably actually looking for an affordable vacation destination.

When your website is using a particular set of keywords, you get traffic that is specific to what you are offering, and there is a greater chance of the person actually accessing the service that you are offering.

2. It leads to increased brand awareness.

Brand awareness is important for any business in the travel industry. SEO uses more than just keywords, as we have the use of images as well. SEO works in a way that when a particular set of keywords are searched, the search results will include your business as among the first search results.

When your business constantly appears at the front page of the search engine, more people are likely to know about the business. This is the increase in brand awareness, which in turn leads to an increase in revenue for your company.

3. It is a cheaper marketing method.

Companies all over the world spend millions in advertising. Advertising is important for any business, and it is aimed to increase brand awareness, and ultimately, increase the business’s revenue. The use of SEO involves just the manipulation of keywords to ensure that the business website appears at the top when the keywords are searched. All such a business requires is an advertising company that provides SEO services, and this is cheaper when compared to an advertisement through the media.

4. The market that is reached is wider.

SEO services is a marketing strategy that is applied to digital marketing. The advantage with digital marketing is that the market that is targeted is a worldwide market. The travel industry deals with a market of people who want to travel for various reasons, whether business or vacationing. With SEO services, literally, anyone in the world can access a business that has been optimised with keywords and accesses their service. A wider market translates to an increase in brand awareness, and this leads to an increase in the revenue collected by the business.

5. SEO leverages social platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram are just a few of the social networking sites. These sites are characterised by continuous access 24 hours a day as different people update their statuses, stalk a friend or even participate in a discussion. SEO leverages this market on social media as we have advertisements that ran through these social platforms. Moreover, content shared on these social platforms have the capacity to go viral, and this increases brand awareness in the most magnified way.

The use of SEO is clearly beneficial to any provider of travel services. This is because it is a cheaper, simpler and more effective method that will aid any business to access a wider market. Moreover, the market that is accessed is one that is more likely to convert and aid the business in getting revenue. Therefore, access SEO quality services today for your travel services to increase both your traffic and your revenue.

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