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Thu 17 Dec 2020

5 Reasons Why Solar Is A Great Investment This Summer

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We’ve all heard about it, our friends have it and we see it on our neighbours roof - so why is Solar such a good investment?



Here are 5 reasons why Solar is the best investment you’ll make this summer.

1. Savings

Simply put, Solar saves you money.

It’s no secret Australian’s pay some of the highest electricity prices in the world and while working from home a lot people got a huge shock when their latest electricity bill arrived. Solar works by using the sun to generate electricity, this electricity is first used by the home to power the appliances then any excess that isn’t consumed by the home is sent back into the grid. When you send energy back into the grd, a credit is provided by the electricity company which you will see on your next bill.

The solar you consume from your solar system will save you about 30c/kW and the excess electricity you send back into the grid will provide you with a credit of about 12c/kW.

An average 6.6kW solar system can save a home up to $1,500 per year!

2. Earn A Great Return On Your Investment

Solar is one of the only products that will generate great returns while covered under a warranty! Investing in Solar is a safe way of earning massive returns on your investment.

The average solar panel will have a product warranty of 10-15 years, with some being up to 25 years. They will also warrant the performance of the panel for 25 years, while the average return of investment is 3-4 years.

If upfront payment is difficult, there are plenty of solar payment plan options which may result in $0 upfront and the savings to be greater than the repayments.

3. Generate Clean Energy

Australia’s electricity grid is made up mostly by coal fired power plants, which are detrimental to the environment.

A solar system installed at your home or business will generate significant environmental benefits. These come primarily from avoided power plant emissions.

The average 6.6kW solar system:

  • Trees planted equivalent: 196 trees per year
  • Avoided equivalent fuel: 3263 litres of petrol per year
  • Avoided coal burnt: 3709 kg of coal per year

4. Demonstrate Your Commitment To Sustainability

Whether it’s teaching your kids the importance of making the switch to renewable energy or installing solar panels on your business to show your customers your commitment to sustainability, solar is a great decision.

Households across Australia are realising the importance of teaching their children about renewable energy so what better way then making the switch yourself?

With great monitoring applications for solar systems, solar is a hands on way of demonstrating the positive impact solar has to your children.

When it comes to business, “Powered by Green Energy” is a powerful value add to your product or service. Businesses are able to find a competitive advantage by installing solar at their premises, as there is intense social pressure on a business to reduce their carbon footprint.

5. Increase Your Property’s Value

Research shows that installing solar on your home of business increases its value, and it’s obvious to see why. Savvy buyers are no more aware of their electricity requirements when looking at a new property, a premise with solar will not only sell faster but it’s expected to fetch a higher price tag.

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