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Thu 13 Dec 2018

5 Reasons Why Usability Testing is Important for Your Business

Digital Technology
Doing a usability test is critical for any business owner. Not only does it ensure that the platform they design works optimally, but it also aids in saving time and funds, which can be used to do other things for the business rather than redo a whole step due to negligence.

Anyone who is venturing into production business ought to invest in a usability test. Doing so will enable the business owner to know the way forward from the results obtained. With that in mind, let us have a look at five reasons why usability testing is essential for your business.

What is Usability Testing?

Before rolling out an invention to the market, the manufacturer needs to put it to the usability testing using the right people. This way, they will have on-site results of the user’s experience. A good example is that of a company that has set up a new website. For the developer to know whether the website is easy to use or complicated, they have to put it to the test.

Why is it important to do a usability test?

 1. You get to know why a specific feature is not working

Developing applications and websites is not an easy job, and sometimes one or two elements may decide to let you down. Rather than have your clients discover a malfunctioning aspect, you should do a usability test. This will allow you to spot the problem and fix it on time before opening up the production to the public to use.

2. You save on time

Imagine putting up your site for use only to discover that it is not friendly to the user? At this time your business is up and running, and clients need to refer to the site for crucial details or order items. Sadly, they cannot do this because the website is slow, or it keeps malfunctioning, or worse still it does not have the essential features to keep it running smoothly. Rather than wait until this time, a business owner can opt to do a usability test while working on the prototype. This way, they will take care of all issues at the development stage and present a fully functional site to the public.

3. You increase your income

Nothing puts off a client than a crashing site. They may be genuinely interested in your products but the fact that they cannot make a successful transaction can lead them to abandon your website and your inventory altogether. Such a resolve leads to loss of current and potential clients, which in turn leads to a decline in sales. The business will begin to run slower than you expected. Eventually, you may have to spend some more money to advertise your business in an attempt to redeem its former glory. Rather than go through this hassle, it is essential to get rid of negative aspects, then enjoy the results of doing so.

4. Outdo Your Competition

Business owners understand how difficult it is to get clients. You put in work in marketing your services or products for quite some time before any substantial crowd can begin looking to you for assistance. In case you do not do a usability test and something happens to be wrong with your interface, you can say goodbye to any clients you had gained. Sadly, they will move to your competitor’s site and get help from there. You can get rid of such instances by seeing to it that your site works optimally from the beginning. As such, you beat your competition at their game and your time won’t be spent trying to poach your clients back. Instead, you will use it to make other reforms and additions to improve the quality of the services you offer.

5. It Provides a Clear View of What Works and What Doesn’t

You may have put a lot of effort into making an application or website but fail to garner a great following. Some features can be unnecessary, while others may prove to be tough to work with. Users want to have a straightforward experience once they log onto your site. You can learn of such variables at the development stage and smooth the rough edges. The purpose of this is to ensure that what the user is accustomed to is what they get to ease operations for them.

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