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Thu 23 Apr 2020

5 Ways Outdoor Awnings Can Boost Your Business Sales

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Here are 5 ways through which outdoor awnings can boost your business sales.

As business competition grows fiercer across all industries, companies and small businesses are implementing dynamic measures to stand out from the competition. This explains the reason behind the rise in the use of social media and other digital platforms as well as growth in the number of modern business structures. All these are in efforts to offer customers the best experiences both online and offline. Notably, one of the ways that increase a company’s brand visibility, enhance customer experience, and increase business sales is the establishment of a distinctive outdoor space in your commercial property using an outdoor awning. This not only means more customers to your business, but it also implies premier customer engagements and increased profits.

Here are 5 ways through which outdoor awnings can boost your business sales.

1. Expanded Property Space

Adding retractable awnings to your commercial property expands your usable space. This also enhances more comfort among employees and customers, knowing that they can continue with their engagements under a convenient rain cover and shade at any time of the day. For businesses operating beyond the food industry, an outdoor awning can be an added sidewalk space. This space can be used for clearance racks or sidewalk sales, attracting more customers.

2. Brand Promotion and Visibility

Your business can feature an awning with customised information related to your business. This may include your business logo, name, addresses, colour, and contacts. Unlike a typical advert that runs for several days, a commercial awning will promote your brand every day. Consider working with a professional outdoor awning service like Awnings By Design.  This will see your business increase returns on investment as far as brand promotion and advertisements are concerned.

3. Weather Protection

Increased exposure to sunlight can result in damaging effects on the health and experience of your customers as well as your employees. Ultraviolet rays are also known to be a causing factor of skin cancer. Most clients are also not able to withstand a scorching day, rainstorm, or even hail, which is why having an awning is essential for your business. This will not only allow customers to spend more time on your premises, but it also boosts their moods and feelings towards the business. Customer satisfaction translates to increased sales and profits.


Awnings also help in protecting the interior furnishings of your business premise against ultraviolet rays. This will see your business cut on costs that most companies incur in their efforts to minimise UV exposure to the company furnishings.

4. Enhanced Aesthetics on Your Storefront

The first thing customers see when visiting with your business premise creates the initial impression of your business. Having folding arm awnings installed on your storefront is an excellent way of beautifying your business premise for an outstanding first impression. The good thing with outdoor awnings is that they come in different colours, styles, and fabrics. For example, your business can choose to install the casement styled, traditional designs, or the more elaborate styles. You can also procure awnings that blend into the theme colours of your business. A beautifies storefront will see your business attract more customers, as the unique awnings create a buzz across the region.

5. Increased Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is an essential aspect that businesses can leverage to increase sales and profitability. This is where commercial awnings come in handy. These awnings allow customers and passers-by to enjoy themselves freely while around your business premises. A fun store, restaurant, or mall with a cheerful customer base will automatically pull the crowd to the business. If your business is housed across multiple buildings or in different locations, then you should consider having a branded commercial awning. This enhances uniformity and brand recognition to potential customers across various locations.

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