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Tue 25 Sep 2018

6 Tips to Protect Your Business Against Electrical Disruptions

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There are several causes of power outages, the leading being the weather.

Flying debris and heavy winds damage power poles and flooding damages electrical infrastructure. A power outage can also be caused by vehicle accident when cars hit down poles. When there is a fire, the electricity supply gets disconnected to prevent further damage hence, a power outage. Spikes are also frequent in that, when a voltage for electrical supply suddenly increases, mainly due to lightning strikes or circuit breaks, a power outage occurs.

Whatever the cause of a power outage, the consequences may be severe, especially in a business environment that is filled with electrical devices. When an electrical disruption occurs, as a business, you may lose data or worst of all, have electrical devices damaged. How do you prevent electrical disruptions in the case of a power outage? Below are six tips.

Be Aware of Upcoming Power Outages and Take Precaution

Occasionally, there might be a post about a scheduled power switch posted in the newspaper by the electric company for maintenance purposes Once you see this, it becomes easier to prepare for blackout by probably switching off all your office devices at the time allocated for the switch off.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

When power suddenly goes off, there is a high chance of losing data on your computer. To prevent such significant losses, it is advisable to sign up for cloud backup solutions. If you backup all your files on the cloud, your only worry is the state of the computer and not the documents in it.

Backup Batteries for Computers

Nothing is as annoying as experiencing power outage when busy typing an essential and urgent document. Then you are left staring at your reflection in the black screen. Purchasing batteries for these devices will be of significant assistance during a blackout. With batteries, you can plug and continue working without disruptions.

Purchase Surge Protectors for All Devices

When spikes occur, the surge protector controls the amount of electricity going to the device. It ensures excess power does not reach the machine causing damage. Surge protectors also control power during blackouts. Instead of the sudden interruption that switches off your devices, the surge protector controls the process in a slow manner; hence, the device switches off without shock.

Invest in a Technical Team

As you get excited about bringing in modern tools and infrastructure into your business, don’t forget to hire experts. These should be people trained in dealing with electrical devices and infrastructure. The trained staff will be able to conduct verification on technical matters like electricity levels and check to see if supply circuits are appropriately grounded, surge protectors successfully placed and ensure damaged sockets or UPS are replaced. Mostly, if you are not familiar with any of the terms, a tech guru can come in handy.

Backup Generators

A backup generator is a business’ best friend. An automatic standby generator is best for this task. With such a device, your business can continue its operations a few seconds after a power outage. When it comes to buying a standby generator, consider several factors like power requirements and fuel type. Pick between the propane or diesel types. Note that diesel engine parts are easier to source from the market. Other factors to consider include the enclosure type, transfer switch and many more. Generators vary in type; hence, the mentioned factors will help you pick the most suitable standby generator. 

You cannot gamble with electrical equipment. Therefore, if you want to purchase electrical devices and other elements, go all-out and buy the best brands and quality available in the market. Do not purchase cheap equipment because during a power outage, it will cost you everything. You can also opt to invest in insurance for your business equipment. Just in case your precautions are futile, you will be able to get back what you lose.


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