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Tue 4 Jun 2024

A Passion for Care

Health & Wellbeing
Disability services provider Julie McCracken is passionate about care giving
Founder of Community Access Care (CAC) Julie McCracken is passionate about helping people living with different abilities to work towards achieving their goals and living life to the fullest.

Starting the family-owned and operated business in her hometown of Bundaberg, in Queensland, in 2018, Julie knew she could make a bigger impact in the community and provide quality support and care to many more People With Disability by growing CAC and bringing on a larger team.

She set about expanding her team and opened the CAC Hub in Bundaberg which enabled the business to move out of the home office and into a facility that accommodated the growing team and provided space for Participant activities, events, and recreation areas.

In early 2022, Julie took her next step and opened a second CAC Hub in Toowoomba. This was a direct response to an overwhelming number of requests from Participants reaching out for services in the Darling Downs region.

In addition to offering Participants support and programs to enhance skills, creativity, and education, in both regions, CAC has also created employment opportunities for people living with different abilities through its Toowoomba ‘Community Car Wash’.

The car wash facility at 260 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba North not only leaves customer’s vehicles sparkling clean inside and out, but also provides ‘on the job’ work experience for Participants, along with confidence building and customer service skills whilst being paid award wages. This also gives the Participant some financial independence which many lack.

As an NDIS and NIISQ Registered Disability Support Company, Julie sees the role of CAC as assisting independence and providing trusted care in the home and community.

With the desire to further assist people living with different abilities to achieve independence and work toward their plan goals, Julie purchased Heart 2 Heart Support Coordination (H2H) in October 2022 to offer assistance, choice and support across a wider range of services within the NDIS and Participant plans. The H2H team assists Participants to identify their objectives, create a service plan to work towards achieving those milestones and ultimately find the best services suited to each individual. H2H is Participant-focused and dedicated to assist Participants to link with supports best suited with building capacity and outcomes. H2H has since successful expanded into Bundaberg providing similar services across both regions.

As Community Access Care and Heart 2 Heart Support Coordination continue to grow, integrity, compassion and heart remain the core values of the family business and drive Julie’s passion for caring.

To find out more about CAC, phone 1300 522 104 or visit communityaccesscare.com.au and you can contact H2H by phoning 1300 430 457 or visit heart2heart.com.au, or follow on social media.

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