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Mon 2 May 2016

Break-through Job Search Strategy

Human Resources and Career Advice

The unemployment rate in Australia is at a little more than 6 percent, which means that more than 1.3 million people are out of jobs. Employers know how many people are in competition with one another, so they know that they can take their time finding the perfect candidates for the positions they offer. As a candidate, you have to have a breakthrough strategy that can chop right through the application process. The following are some tips and job search strategies for you:

Start Networkingsearching in the newspaper classified ads or on the Internet job sites is often an unsuccessful task. Nowadays, you have to find back doors that you can enter to find out about job opportunities that the employers have not already listed on a website or in the newspapers. Google + and LinkedIn are two social media networks on which you can place your work experience. You can start getting to know people that way.

Stay in the Loop – one of the biggest career path killers is being out of the workforce for too long. You can stay in the loop by completing some volunteer work in your area. Volunteer work will give you a consistent work record and a reference for everything that you do.

Create a Killer Resume  a good resume isn’t good enough anymore. Now you must create a killer resume. A killer resume is one that has a visual uniqueness, zero errors and information that attracts the computer software. The modern resume must qualify the applicant according to keywords and credentials. We have reached a time when humans no longer sift through a batch of resumes. The computer does it for them, and it chucks resumes that are not relevant to the job positions.

Take Your Time on Assessments – applicants can bust past the resume section and get to the assessment section if they pay attention to the previously mentioned tips. Such applicants must take their time on the assessments and ensure that they complete them as honestly as possible while highlighting positive attributes. The assessment is the application stage that comes directly before the interview call, so the applicant will want to ensure that the answers reflect an apt candidate.

The previously mentioned tips will get a person through to the interview. An additional strategy is necessary for the interview.

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