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Thu 27 Aug 2020

Building A Business — The Beliefs You Need To Banish

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Doing the research, honing the business skills and laying the foundations are all essential steps to take when making the ultimate career leap from a corporate job to being your own boss.


I will share with you, some insights on the beliefs that you need to eliminate, to speed up your journey to success. 



 Believing the change is a small one

It’s a big change to go from being an employee with a boss and a steady flow of income, to working in a new environment where success and longevity rest on your shoulders. All of a sudden you need to wear many different hats to manage a variety of responsibilities and tasks. You need to be the strategic decision maker, stationery buyer, sales master, finance guru etc. You need to be prepared for challenging tasks, especially things you haven’t done before. You need to keep learning new things to stay up to date with trends, technology and impacts that affect your business and industry. Fortunately, there’s a significant amount of self-development and personal growth that comes with tackling major change, so while daunting, it’s also positive and self-fulfilling. 

 Believing what others say

Not everyone is going to love your idea and intention to leave the security of a job, and some may speak their mind about why what you are doing is crazy, or suggest that it won’t work. Unfortunately, judgement is most likely to come from those closest to you. The judgement from friends and family is most likely due to their concern or their own insecurities. Recognise where it may come from within your circle of family and friends. It’s important to be aware as their judgement can impact your confidence and create self-doubt. Stay courageous and focus on the path ahead. 

Believing in perfect

Wanting perfect is common. We want the website to be perfect before launching it. We want to be perfect at sales before approaching a potential client. We want our whole business strategy to be perfect and to wait for the ‘right time’ to get going with a new business idea. Striving for perfection will only slow you down, and steer your attention away from activities that are more important. Ditching the desire to be perfect will release unnecessary pressure, give you the ability to be more agile, and will enable you to focus your energies on what will make your business a sustainable one. 

 Believing it’s a solo gig

Like most things in life, it can be a long, hard road if we don’t seek support from those around us to help us on our journey. Similarly in business, the concept of working for yourself is somewhat misleading if you want to be successful. While it sounds great to not have a boss to answer to, and to get things done your way, it’s important to realise that every successful business person has a good network of people around them. Having a support crew that includes advisers, strategic partners and mentors can help you keep accountable, gain clarity and stay motivated.

Believing in a magic pill

Some people want to find a quick fix to become successful in business and are busy seeking out the one size fits all that will make seven figures in six months. It’s essential to note that what works for one person in terms of business development, marketing and sales activities may not necessarily work for you. You need to work out what works for you. You also need to do the work to reach your goals and not just expect you’ll reach them following someone else’s formula, and with minimum effort. There is a need to invest money and time and, most importantly, in you. The investment in you is an ongoing one. 

 Lastly, the key belief not to banish is the one about believing in your ability to take the leap of faith and create your own path. Taking action, even if it is just a small step, will encourage that belief in yourself. In the words of Sam Kao, “There is nothing more beautiful than believing in yourself.” 

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