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Tue 15 Sep 2020

Buy a Book Day

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There is nothing like picking up a new book from your local bookstore, finding a cosy corner or a beachside spot in the sunshine and letting your mind wander in a book.

Even when television, movies, iPhones and kindles have taken over our daily entertainment spaces, reading a book is still one of the small pleasures in life!

Whilst celebrating Buy a Book Day here at WNA, we thought it was a great reminder to make some time to sit and relax and enjoy one of 2019/2020’s literary sensations.

Many of you are proud bookworms and we have provided five very diverse but brilliant options which might just intrigue your fancy or help you unleash your brilliance!

Leading the way for coffee table must haves, you must not go past Glennon Doyle, who stormed the New York Times Bestselling list this year with her memoir Untamed. She wants everyone to listen to the voice within, dare to be yourself, and most importantly stop striving to meet other people’s expectations. This is highly addictive reading so be prepared to finish this one in one uninterrupted session!

For all the female businesswomen in our membership, Beyond the Boys Club – Strategies for Achieving Career Success As A Woman, could be the inspiration for you. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PHD, wants all women to succeed in a world that is still largely dominated by men. Suzanne shows you how to develop your career strategy, break through the glass ceiling and raise your game. She wants all aspiring women to proactively take control of their career journeys and eagerly shares the inspiring and engaging interviews of some of the world’s most successful women and how they found their own unique path.

Eddie Jaku, a proud German, in his words Jew second, and proud holocaust survivor, faced unimaginable horrors over a seven- year period throughout the concentration camp and Nazi era. But through incredible resilience, making the vow every day to smile, and living his best life possible, he found a way to ‘becoming the happiest man on earth.’ Having seen his moving and inspirational Ted Talk speech on living your happiest life, his book The Happiest Man on Earth, is simply joy and wisdom in your hand.

If you are also on the lookout for upcoming sensations, you need to keep your finger on the pulse for 22 September, when Australian author Jane Harper releases her next crime thriller The Survivors. Kieran Elliott is the star of her latest wonder and his life changes dramatically on a day a silly mistake leads to devastating consequences. He is taunted by guilt every time he returns home and when a body surfaces on the beach, questions that have never washed away come back to haunt him terribly.

2020 and Covid19 have brought out the cook or aspiring chef in many of us, and for those who are keen to experience different food options or create a new seafood recipe from scratch, The Whole Fish Cookbook could be for you! The extraordinary Josh Niland was a sensation on Kurt Fearnley’s One Plus One Interview Show when he demonstrated the value and innovation of using a whole kingfish for a number of different recipes for his restaurant, Saint Peter. From the perfect fish and chips, a cod liver pate for toast, and many other fantastic recipes, Josh helps readers see there is many creative and joyous ways to enjoy fish cookery.

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