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Thu 20 Dec 2018

Celebrating Your Wins With Business Awards

Business Awards
Multi International Award Winner Trish Springsteen shares why Business Awards are a great opportunity to step up and celebrate you, your business and your message.

How many of you have considered celebrating your wins with Business Awards? I know some of you are saying you have to win the award first to celebrate your win!

Yes it would be great to win the award you have been nominated for – however when it comes to celebrating your wins the business award nomination provides as opportunity to shine before, during and after the award event.

Let’s start with the nomination:

Firstly, if you are nominated or nominate yourself (which is perfectly okay) you are already celebrating your wins in business – you are stepping up and saying hey this is what has been happening and working for me.

Second, when you are completing the nomination information it is giving you an opportunity to look at your business and highlight the many wins you have had and most probably had not even recognized you have had. Completing the nomination allows you to really look back on your business and see what you have achieved.

It allows you to shine a spotlight on what you have been doing. Look at those testimonials, videos and photos. You can often get caught up in your business and not realise just how awesome you are!

Then share your nomination around your networks, celebrate your win of being nominated with your clients and on social media. Send a media release to your local news. Shout it out – being nominate is brilliant – share it.

At the Award Ceremony:

Prepare to win – prepare your acceptance speech. You only have a short time and a prepared speech will allow you to make the most of that short time.  This is your opportunity to shine a light on your business and your message – take it. Be concise and genuine.

There may be an opportunity to be videoed. Do it – have your sound bites ready highlighting your business, your business and expertise. Ask for a copy of the video and where it will be posted – get the link to share.

Be prepared for any media at the award event. Know what you want to say and take the opportunity to celebrate your win and celebrate being there.

Network at the event – there will be like-minded people who you may want to connect with. Take a deep breath and say hello, start a conversation, exchange ideas.  The potential is enormous.

After the Award Event:

It doesn’t matter if you won, were a finalist or a nominee.  Now is the time to really celebrate that win. Share the outcome and your experience with your networks, on social media and with the news media.

If they provide you with a logo for the event put it on your website and on your email signature. You will often be supplied with an image which has the award logo and words: nominated, finalist, winner.

Share your photos and videos. Share your experience and your awesome business and message.

Acknowledge you and what you have done and share it.  It’s okay to say wow I did good, wow my business achieved, wow my team achieved, wow I was awesome. Too often we don’t speak up – if you don’t who will. Take time to acknowledge your journey and challenges. By sharing your wins you could be encouraging someone else to look at what they have done and to step up and share their wins.

Start that ripple effect and be proud of you and your business and message.

Celebrate your win!

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