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Mon 29 Apr 2024

Did you know this about Authorship?

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Did you know this about authorship?
There are so many Myths around writing a Book, Myths around being an Author and what it can do for you that stop loads of coaches & otherwise savvy business owners who dream of writing a Book to get started. If this is you, I’ve done some ‘digging’, so read on...

The Age of Authorship began in the 3rd Century BC with the High Priestess of An in Mesopotamia.

Not only was she, the High Priestess Enheduanna, the first writer to be known and celebrated by name, but she was also an incredibly influential political power over Mesopotamia and on Mesopotamian religion.

She created a direct mode for communication with her people, and a legacy in her name by being an author and the written word became a mode of connection, a way to share joy, and a way to influence a population.

The age of authorship had begun.

It has continued to this day where it’s become faster and easier and accessible to you, to write and be published, and right now it is time for you to make sure you grab your opportunity and start to communicate your story, your expertise, with your people as the author of your unique book.

Your Book can literally provide you with an instant client attraction roadmap that contains vital answers and insights to ensure people who come to you have chosen to want to work with you because they got to know, like and trust you via your Book.

People who get my help writing their book, for example, start with digging deep into the question: ‘What is the book going to do for you?’

You see, for your book to become a direct mode for connection and communication, you want to be clear on the outcome that is to be achieved, in other words, we start with the end in mind.

So, let’s say, the outcome you’d specifically want your book to achieve for you would be to share your expertise in your most natural and authentic way, so the reader of your book feels an instant connection and wants to get to know more about working with you.

The outcome of getting more clients more easily means your book topic, your book title and your book chapter content focus ON THE READER.

This crucial first step creates a clear, strategically mapped out framework into which you then simply need to ‘fill’ the appropriate content, chapter by chapter.

The key element here is that you start with a framework.

Think of building a house and all your rooms are ready measured and the posts for the walls are standing up, you simply ‘fill in the blanks’, in the case of a house, you’d ‘fill’ the walls, brick them or sheet them, so the rooms are ready, separated for use, yet all together make up your house.

In the case of your Book, these ‘walls’ are your chapters, the number of chapters and the chapter headings.

Creating your chapter framework clearly guides you to what needs to go into each chapter and you can focus on communicating and connecting your content with the reader.

This method of writing your book also gives the clue to how long it will take you to write.


Because before you start, you know how many chapters you have to ‘fill’ and the chapter headings give you clear direction of what needs to go into the chapter and what not.

So, if writing a book has been on your mind or you have started and can’t seem to finish, telling yourself you can’t find the time to write, here is one of the most successful ways to become that published author:

Book a Book Chat with me.

During this session, we’ll explore how your book idea aligns with your vision and what your next step(s) need to be.

We can also discuss what it would be like to work together. This is your opportunity to bring your book to life and leave your legacy!

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