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Wed 21 Nov 2018

Ergo Workstation: How to Use a Standing Desk Properly

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Ergo workstations or "standing desks" are being recognised as a healthier desk option. Is there really such thing as a healthy desk?

Well apparently, yes! Ergonomic desks have been trending because of their touted health benefits. Research has shown that these standing desks may lower someone’s risk of developing heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other metabolic issues. Not only do these desks encourage a healthier lifestyle, they are also provide a fun and adaptable workstation, making the transition from sitting to standing desk easy and potentially worth it.

Tips for the Proper Use of a Standing Desk

If you decide to try the standing desk, it is important to understand the correct way to use a standing desk so that you are able to get the best out of your workstation. Ensuring the proper use of your standing desk will also help you reap maximum benefits from the desk. We have outlined several tips and suggestions to ensure that your switch from sitting to standing desk is smooth and done correctly. Standing desks can make for amazing health changes because an overly sedentary lifestyle can be lethal, but should also be used carefully because incorrect use can do more harm than good.

  1. Posture – It is crucial that someone using a standing desk for the first time mindfully practice the art of good posture! If a person is slouching at their standing desk, it may end up doing more harm to their back muscles than good. Bad posture can negate all of the extraordinary benefits that a standing desk is intended to provide. Adjusting the computer screen and the desk height according to your body size or type is crucial here. Practicing good posture is one of the standing desk best practices in order to encourage proper alignment of the spine and to prevent any additional problems from occurring.
  2. Movement – Sitting excessively may be detrimental for your health, but standing all day may pose additional risks as well. Studies have shown that standing too much can cause issues with blood flow and circulation. This is why it is important to keep moving. Using a sit stand desk can help you achieve the perfect balance between standing and sitting so that you garner the health benefits of an ergonomic workstation without overdoing it. The re-positioning of a sit stand desk is easy and does not have to be time consuming. So, it may be wise to adjust the desk every other hour or as needed in order to alternate between sitting and standing. These minor adjustments should not at all affect your rate of work.
  3. Listen to Your Body – Extended periods of standing can cause problems in your muscles and tendons or may contribute to lower back pain. However, the benefits of using a standing desk properly may far outweigh the consequences of misuse or overuse. Everybody is different and it is important to listen to your body. Standing for hours on end when your body really needs to rest may contribute to unwanted and unnecessary health problems such as inflammation at the arch of foot. Moving and stretching are always permissible and advised.

If pain or discomfort in the foot occurs after using a standing desk for too long, it is important to consult a podiatrist or other licensed medical professional. Sit stand desks are the perfect option for those who seek to find a healthy balance between standing and sitting. Remember, treat yourself kindly and do not push yourself beyond what feels comfortable for you.

Final Thoughts on using an Ergo Workstation

Following our tips on the best practices for using a standing desk properly can help to ensure that you get the best use out of your ergo workstation without doing any harm or damage to your body. It is okay to start small and increase your standing intervals as you gain endurance and become more comfortable with the different platform. The standing desk best practices illustrated above have been designed as general guidelines for those considering going from sitting to standing desk work.

Movement is important as standing still for excessive periods of time may lead to other health problems. The point of a standing desk is to encourage sporadic periods of activity and to discourage completely sedentary workplaces and workstations. Some people who use these ergonomic workstations have also used them in conjunction with some anti fatigue mats. These mats are made by a variety of manufacturers. Their purpose is to provide a comfortable platform for your feet and to reduce foot pain, calf pain, or inflammation at the arch of the foot while you stand for a certain duration of time. These mats have been specifically designed to lessen the pressure on your feet and on the rest of your body. Following these tips may help you truly take advantage of the standing desk benefits in a safe and healthy way.

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