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Thu 13 Oct 2016

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


They say that to be successful you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone. Basically, you gotta “get comfortable being uncomfortable!”

Many of my family and friends know that my mission is ‘to positively impact One Million people!’ A huge goal. Yes. And one that I cannot do alone. So I need to get out of my comfort zone and make it happen.

This means connecting with people I wouldn’t normally connect with, for example, thought leaders, successful businessmen and women, disruptors, politicians, movers and shakers.

Recently I met with one amazing businessman, entrepreneur, author and thought leader. How did this come about? I simply asked him! We had connected on Facebook, however, I had the courage to ask him to meet for a coffee (fortunately he now lives in my home town). I was certainly impressed with his achievements, and to be honest, he was quite impressed with mine and duly encouraged, supported and inspired me with my mission. 

I am now more determined than ever to positively impact One Million people and I know I can and will do this, not only with my book (a work in progress), but also with speaking.

I also know I will be ‘outta my comfort zone’ speaking on global stages, but it is more than me. It is about others – all 999,999 of them.

Your speaking is a business and you need to be confident. This comes with getting out of your comfort zone and personal development. It will reward you immensely.

Feel free to contact me to discuss mentoring for speaking, business or marketing, or for more details or individual and group training for speakers.

Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages…. in the bookstores and online!

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