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Wed 30 Sep 2020

How to Support A Spouse Overseas

International Business
It's hard to believe that a pandemic has brought the world to a halt, yet you two find yourself in this position.

Your spouse is stuck overseas, and you want to do the best you can to help amidst this pandemic, which you can do if you take specific steps.

Setup a Joint Account

One thing you can do to help your spouse while they are stuck overseas is setup a joint account if you haven’t done so. This gives you an opportunity to deposit money into an account that your spouse will have access to. The only problem is you have to make sure the bank you choose has a branch where your spouse is. This is going to force you to only work with larger banks, and that does limit your opportunities.

Use a Payment International Processor

It’s easy to think banks are virtually everywhere in the world, but that isn’t the case. There are a number of places around the world where there is no bank for miles. Depending where your spouse is, he or she could be in this situation. The good thing is there are payment processing centers where you can set up an international bank transfer. Western Union is one of the most popular, but there are others such as Paypal.

Using Regular Mail

Sometimes, the only solution is regular mail or “snail mail” as it is now called. All you are doing is sending cash or a check to your spouse through the mail. A lot of people don’t feel comfortable with the idea of sending mail this way, which is understandable. Well, you can actually pay a little extra to make sure the mail you are sending is secure. You can purchase insurance so that you feel a little more comfortable. Not a lot of people talk about the extreme measures regular mail services can take to keep your mail safe.

Working With Credit Cards

Credit card companies can help you send money overseas. Everyone is going through some financial struggles at the moment. If you or your spouse are ever in trouble, then consider using credit cards. A lot of folks are turning to credit cards to overcome the current economic issues so many are facing. It’s true that credit cards come with high interest rates, so make sure you keep this in mind. Consider talking to the company about your specific problem to see if they can offer a good option.

Emailing Gift Cards

Sometimes, the only option you have are gift cards. There are gift card options that would work like cash. What you have to do is make sure you send a gift card from a company that is accepted wherever your spouse is. Usually, this means you have to purchase a card with the Visa logo or the Mastercard logo. Of course, there are alternatives you can choose, but make sure it’s a card your spouse can use.

These are some solutions you have available to you during this time. Hopefully, something is solved sooner rather than later and you two can be reunited as you should be.

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