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Thu 1 Nov 2018

Keeping Things on Track when Writing and Publishing a Book

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Seth Godin wisely suggests that no amount of planning tools will ever make things happen if a person is not interested in finishing a project. While it is sage advice, it does help if you are able to cross check your planning with a general guide and timeline of when you can anticipate steps to happen. A system for tracking where you are at, can be as simple as notes in a paper diary or as sophisticated as Gantt charts. Whatever works for you to ensure that the job gets done.

Having a strategy can ensure your publishing success.

Strategising at the beginning of your book writing and publishing journey can assist you with testing and measuring were you are at for reaching your goals. If you are not meeting milestones, then take the time to reconsider what you want to achieve and perhaps reconsider what your outcome to be. A paperback may be too much for you to commit to. Start smaller. Instead publish a short eBook in PDF format.

As Warren Buffett wisely commented, you want to find 1-foot hurdles that you can step over.

Look for your 1-foot hurdles.

Give yourself the opportunity to have successes along the way.

Take the time to sit down and plan and review what you are aiming to achieve. By what date do you want to get that book in your hands, or on your desktop.

Conversely, it has been said the more wrong turns you make the closer you are to making the right turn.

Feel like Alice in Wonderland? As the Alice remarked, ‘I’m not sure where I want to go’ to which the caterpillar replied, ‘Then it does not matter which way you choose.’

The point is to take a step in a direction. While initially it may not be the best direction, if you keep your outcome in mind then you will eventually reach it.

Keep asking questions and have an open mind.

Listen to audio books, watch videos and, of course, read books about publishing. Even if this is only for five or ten minutes a day. These small learning sessions develop over time and will assist you with publishing a book.

If you don’t want to invest time in learning about publishing, then you need to take the time to seek out someone to do it all for you. Bearing in mind that they have spent many hours preparing themselves to be able to assist you. There will be a price that you need to pay.

What works for you. Perhaps it is a combination of doing it yourself and professional assistance? Whatever you choose to do – finish what you started and leave your legacy.

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