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Thu 26 Oct 2023

Mastering business and creating opportunities

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Well I did it, I finished my valuation diploma and am now a qualified National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) valuer! I squeezed it in by the skin of my teeth and finished the requirements of the course on Sunday 22 October.

Here I am (on Monday), itching to get started on my MBA kindly awarded to me by the amazing Cheryl Gray from WNA and Joanne Brooks from Ducere Business School and Navig8biz, thank you so much! What an opportunity.

As I wait for the first webinar info to drop, I am going over my first module, Strategic Marketing, with my first assessment due on Sunday. Straight into it!

I have to say that the onboarding information and support from Ducere has been very impressive, with a well designed and easy to navigate portal where I can look ahead for the entire first module enabling me to plan for the assessments. There is an element of relief for being able to plan, and an element of freaking out at what I need to achieve.

This is my first degree and I am unfamiliar with the way that we have to utilise APA and present referencing etc. Having done many courses including diplomas, cert 4s and so on, I can see where the differences lie in formatting assessments and how the course is presented. This is slightly terrifying to me, but an exciting opportunity to stretch and challenge myself and learn so much about running my business. I hope to be sitting down with someone in the know and setting up all my templates, learning about how to properly reference and present for my assessment! (Hello Brisbane Business Hub…)

I feel like this extraordinary opportunity is also going to prepare me for the bigger and better plans I have for my charity partners, in 2024 I am adding a gala evening event to my to do list. As many of us know (most of all our WNA team), that organising a charity gala is like adding a full-time job to your full-time job!

For my final assignment with Ducere, I will be taking on an Applied Industry Research Project with my cohort, where we are tasked with solving an issue for a real-world company. This is an incredible opportunity that I expect will prepare me for tackling the mountains we all climb when we own a business, support charities, community and have family commitments!

Here I go, into the unknown, working towards a better future for my business and my passions. Stay tuned for updates!

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