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Tue 14 May 2019


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What kind of a woman do you think other people think you are? Does their opinion even matter? What are your most dominant traits?

 Are you positivehopeful or brave? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Do people run the other way when they see you coming? Just joking! Maybe they are overwhelmed with your awesome energy? Maybe they don’t want to hear the same old story about you not having enough clients and finding it hard to make ends meetTrust me, says Chris Knight, we have all been on struggle-street at some time in our lives and we all need support to keep moving forward. 

Do people welcome you with open arms, a handshake, a smile, an eye roll, or a side look?  Or do they just simply ignore you and move around to talk to the next most interesting person that they know or feel that they need to meet in order to get selfies so that they can pop them on Facebook and show all their friends? Do they leave you feeling like a shag (bird) on a rock or energised because they took the time to really talk to you and listen to what you are trying to achieve in your life? 

The reason that these questions are posed is that they can often affect our mindset when we meet people for the first time. Sometimes it might even be the same thoughts or feelings that we have each time we meet them. Are they warm and fuzzy, cool and casual or are they a little aloof? What I do know though is that each of us has our own unique story and that everything we are today has been accomplished through our hard work, dedication and persistence. 

We make our own destiny and it is how we embrace the opportunities that come our way and how we respond, rather than react to the challenges and those curved balls that often come out of the left field. The people who we surround ourselves with are also important as they can provide advice, support, wisdom and encouragement to keep working towards our dreams whether they be business or lifestyle related. 

Remember that you are the creator of your life and you need to let go of any external situations or controlling influences that may try to control you. Some of these can be very deep-seated emotions ingrained either by your family, partner, past life experiences, your faith or a myriad of other reasons.  

Do you share your pearls of wisdom often or do you keep your cards close to your heart because it takes time to build trust? Do you Walk Your Talk? Without even realising it you may have inspired many others when you have been vulnerable enough to share a little about who you really are as a person. 

I admire women who are loyal and honest and who keep their tribe close to them. I also appreciate those that do not sugar coat words and say things with respect, kindness and compassion. It is the friendships that many enjoy most about being members of the WNA Tribe. We are so much more than someone who we might sell a product or a service to. We are a collective of mind body and souls that genuinely want to see each other grow to succeed and achieve in life through our collaborations in business and socially. 

Most of all though, remember many of us love being around the Dreamers who aspire to create something wonderful in their lives to benefit others. So reach out and say hello – you never know where the next casual conversation may lead you. Just be real and authentic – it really is that simple! 

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