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Tue 9 Oct 2018

More on the eBook

Writing, Editing & Publishing
The publishing industry has become more flexible in relation to formatting your eBook. For both, ePub and Kindle, you have the ability to load a PDF version of your book directly to your chosen platform. The PDF is converted into the appropriate eBook format. This can be a great time and money saver for novices and those testing ideas.

Depending on the complexity of your book, this can work well. Having said this, there are other times it does not work at all. When it does not work, resource assistance from a professional in order to create a compelling published book. Alternatively, most publishing platforms have helpful functions and forums that assist with extra support to ensure your success.

Ease of online marketing with eBooks

Another tool that has seen the eBook become ubiquitous is the ease of use, of the online marketing programs offered by publishing platforms. The internal marketing tools are designed to promote your book within the platform’s customer base, which you would not otherwise easily get access to, for very little cost.

Another major benefit of an eBook is that there is no ‘physical book’ to be produced or stored. This saves you storage and production costs.

Having said this, Amazon’s eBook publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, offer (ironically) a paperback version of your eBook, should your customers want to access a paperback. Again, is it about what you think is best for your circumstances. For very little cost, you can explore to see what works and what does not.

Formatting – Simple or Complex?

While the topic of formatting has been covered in earlier posts, it is a timely reminder that the formatting of an eBook can be very basic or extremely complex. Your budget, and audience, will be factors in determining how your book should be formatted and the potential budget you need to consider.

With much of the friction of the traditional publishing world removed, now is the time to enter the publishing market and publish a book.

It is also a reminder, with all components of publishing (editing, formatting, design, etc), there are a variety of costs, from budget to bespoke. The ability to decide who does what, at which price, is one of the major benefits of independent publishing. Regardless of what path you choose, keep in mind that you ultimately want to publish. Tweak and re-tweak your planning until you publish.

What are you waiting for?

Publish your book today.

Leave a legacy.

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