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Tue 11 Sep 2018

Need to Spring Clean Your Business?

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Spring has sprung! The beauty of Spring is that it brings new joy and hope with warmer weather and flowers in bloom.

Spring is also the time for the infamous, but apparently therapeutic, act of spring cleaning. It’s the time when we need to make the hard decisions about what ends up in a rubbish pile, what should be recycled, and what needs saving (for at least another year). While spring cleaning is useful around the home and in our personal lives, the concept has merit in other areas. Think starting, growing or managing a business. Whether you are an aspiring business owner, or you are just starting out, or you have been in business for a long time, there will always be times when you just need to stop, take stock and think with a spring cleaning mindset.

Out with the old

Just like throwing out the gadgets and tools that have become obsolete or have stopped working, in business, ditching old habits and time consuming processes is critical to move forward. A good example in business is reducing the amount and extent of manual and inefficient processes especially in areas where apps and/or the latest software products provide a good alternative.

In with the new

Just like adding some new items to the wardrobe or the latest trendy appliance to the kitchen, in business, new trends and new approaches can give an added boost. A good example for business is adopting the customer experience (CX) approach to providing for customers. CX is more than just customer service, it covers the entire journey a customer embarks on when they interact with your business, and it’s something bigger businesses are heavily investing in to gain competitive edge.


Just like applying a fresh coat of paint to a tired looking room, in business, there are existing strategies, products or services that just need to be revitalised or reinvigorated. A good example for business is branding, reputation and identity. To ensure you are always standing out and rising above your competition, a personal or business brand that clearly defines your uniqueness, your values, and what you want to be known for is essential.

When it comes to spring cleaning your business – Is it time to toss some old habits out? Is it time to consider a new approach? Or is it time to refresh what you are currently doing?

If you are in the mood for a spring clean, what will be the first area to tackle in your business?

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