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Thank you for deciding to continue your relationship with Women's Network Australia. We look forward to receiving your renewal application and to continuing to offer you the opportunity and connections to network your way to success over the next twelve months.

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Top 28 benefits Women's Network Australia members enjoy...

  • WNA has the widest national reach of any business women's networking group in Australia.
  • Being a Member gives access to attend online and live events at a discounted rate.
  • You can nominate to be a guest speaker at one of over 80+ national networking events each year.
  • You can book 'Free Trade Tables' at any of the national meetings and promote your business.
  • You can promote your business and contact Members via WNA's online Member Directory.
  • You can submit articles and editorial for consideration and inclusion in 'Working Women' magazine.
  • At WNA gatherings everyone gets to introduce themselves briefly, so everyone knows who you are.
  • At meetings there's always an official connecting time allocated so you get to meet the people who interest you.
  • It is very easy to build a profile within your geographical area by regularly attending the meetings. 
  • Where else can you go to where there are 20 - 40 potential clients and referral sources in the one room?
  • WNA staff are extremely helpful at connecting you with the people you want and need to meet.
  • If new to a location or region, WNA gives you an instant way to connect and network with locals.
  • WNA meetings are filled with potential clients, strategic alliances, peers and competitors.
  • You can promote your business/services/products on the weekly eNoticeBoard at very reasonable rates.
  • You can start discussions in WNA's LinkedIn group and contribute to other Members conversations.
  • You can build your LinkedIn connections by inviting Members of the WNA group to connect with you.
  • You can build your credibility by applying to be considered as an official contributor to the WNA Blog.
  • You can further build your profile and pick up speaking gigs by responding to the 'Find a Speaker' alerts.
  • You can get media coverage by staying abreast of 'Press Calls' opportunities on the WNA website.
  • You can put forward products or books to be given considered and free promotion in 'Working Women' magazine.
  • Order Free copies of 'Working Women' as great keep-in-touch gifts for your current clients and prospects.
  • Satchel inserts at meetings give you the opportunity to promote to everyone at the meetings you attend.
  • Members pay a whole lot less to attend all of WNA's meetings and events.
  • WNA meetings are fun, educational, informative and a great opportunity to promote your business or services. 
  • As a Member you become part of the WNA family - where help is only a phone call or email away.
  • You have the right to contact other Members directly - saying those magic words – “I’m a Member of WNA too".
  • You're part of one of the strongest national networks in Australia that's been growing steadily for over two decades.

As a WNA Member you also get to enjoy...

  • An organisational structure and culture built by WNA over the past two decades which ensures Members are truly encouraged to do business with each other.
  • The opportunity to grow and develop through exposure to our diverse range of motivational speakers and trainers who are all experts in their respective fields.
  • Being part of an organisation that provides real opportunities for Members to be linked up with each other for business support.
  • A framework designed to create synergies between fellow Members which in turn leads to collaborative partnerships and mutually benefiting business growth for all parties.
  • Meeting and sharing with like-minded businesswomen who have empathy with each other's situation regardless of their level of business operation.
  • Contact with women from a vast range of professions and business backgrounds who can become mentors, friends and offer all forms of support for your business and career endeavours.
  • The chance to learn the art of speaking in public through opportunities offered at our live events and functions.
  • The opportunity to showcase your products and services to an entirely new potential group of clients and referral advocates.  

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