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Fri 15 Nov 2019

Six Holiday Survival Strategies

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Chaos is coming and it's important to have some strategies to rely upon to help keep you sane!

Chaos is coming! The last term of school is well underway and the holiday season is swiftly approaching. The Christmas puddings have been in the supermarkets for months already and Christmas catalogues are hitting letterboxes.

This time of year can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, even more than normal! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking some time to prepare and ready yourself for what’s to come will help take some of the pressure off. Not sure how? Easy, consider our six holiday survival strategies and get started now!

  1. Book a massage. You can’t underestimate the power of “happy body, happy life”, especially during the festive season. Setting aside some time for a massage will allow you to bring balance in your life and recharge yourself in preparation for the tasks ahead.
  2. Find something that keeps you motivated and inspired and keep it near you for when you need it most! We might be a little biased, yet we highly recommend Rejuvenating Crystal Smelling Salts. They allow you to feel revitalised and renewed, while also restoring your mind and body to increase productivity.
  3. Make a list, or many! Write down your to-do’s and divide them into different categories. Make sure you prioritise them by highlighting the top three must do tasks. This will help to keep you on-track and create a sense of organisation in your life!
  4. During the silly season you can, at times, feel like a spinning top, as if you’re not quite keeping a grasp on your actions, moods and feelings. Meditation calms your body and mind and can be practised anywhere, anytime. It only takes a few seconds to stop, centre and pull yourself back in control. There are many free and great apps for your phone that will help you as you sit in the park, hotel lobby or even a quiet spot in the office to meditate.
  5. Build a survival hamper. One of the greatest things about holiday season is that people are home from work and want to spend time with family and friends. But if you’re not prepared, an unplanned drop in can be met with absolute panic! Don’t fall into this trap! Be prepared! Start putting together your survival hamper now so that you have items like crackers, soft drinks, chocolates, lollies, longlife milk, bathroom and kitchen goods on hand. You’ll save money getting them early as well!
  6. Laugh it off! Humour is aligned with gratitude, hope and spirituality and helps us connect with others around us. When tempers are running high, the ability to pull out a tried and tested joke will get you a long way! Some good ones to keep on hand for high tension situations like trying to find a carpark at the shopping centre on Christmas Eve include:

 Q. What kind of music do elves listen to?

 A. Wrap.

 Q. What do you call a kid who doesn’t believe in Santa?

 A. A rebel without a Claus.

You’re welcome! Remember, holidays are a time to relax, unwind and reconnect. Don’t let something as silly as not having a plan hold you back.

Merry Christmas!

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