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Fri 26 Mar 2021

The Benefits of Using a Vendor Advocate When Selling Property

Property & Real Estate
You deserve the best tools to sell your home and a good vendor advocate can help you accomplish your goals.

Those who are looking to put a property up for sale should consider the benefits of having a vendor advocate.

What exactly is a vendor advocate?


It is an independent agent whose job is to protect the seller’s interests during the process of selling a property.

Just as buyers agents, safeguard the interests of the buyer during a sale, a vendor advocate helps the seller navigate the ins and outs of selling their house. Here are just three of the benefits of working with a good vendor advocate:

They Can Help Find a Good Real Estate Agent

Vendor advocates can help the seller find the real estate agent that fits their unique home and situation. A seller wants only the best real estate agent for their needs – and good vendor advocacy can connect the seller to the right one, thus making sure that the seller doesn’t have to take just any real estate agent that comes along. Don’t underestimate the power of a competent agent; buyers rely on buyers’ agents, so why would a seller deserve less? A seller should have the help they need.

They Can Handle the Legal Side of Things

Handling the legal aspects of selling a home, such as the contract of sale, can be a complicated process without an expert’s help. When a seller has a vendor advocate helping to deal with the legal aspects, it can make a night-and-day difference to the seller. Legalities can be tricky things, but the right advocate can navigate the legal side with grace and ease.

They Can Aid in Getting a Fair Price

It can be hard to get a fair price for a property without a professional standing up for the interests of the seller, but that is one of the things a vendor advocate is there for. When an individual is looking to get a good price for their home, having someone who can help negotiate on their behalf is essential. For example, when a home is ready for the market, it needs to be shown in the best light possible so that the right buyer can meet their perfect match, and a vendor advocate can help market the home and make sure that the seller has the means to achieve their financial target.

Why You Need a Good Vendor Advocate For Your Situation

A seller deserves to have someone looking out for them as the process of finding a great real estate agent, putting a property on the market, and getting a good price are no small ordeals. If you are planning on selling your home, you deserve to have someone there who can help you feel less overwhelmed as you tread new ground, especially if this is your first time selling a property. You deserve the best tools to sell your home and a good vendor advocate can help you accomplish your goals. 


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