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Thu 20 Sep 2018

The Book Format for You

Writing, Editing & Publishing
Dyan Burgess
Have you been reading the posts about publishing over the last couple of months? If so, you will have seen comments around book formats and some practical steps that you need to consider when planning to publish a book.

A quick summary of the three main factors that were discussed, regardless of the book type that you choose, electronic or paperback, is that your available time, budget and reason for publishing are key to answering any questions that arise in your writing and publishing journey.

Having said this, making a decision and moving forward is one of your greatest assets. Mark Twain is attributed as saying,

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started’.

What will you do to get started?

You need to be committed to the idea of writing and publishing a book to ensure your success and to find the right people to support you on your journey to leave a legacy.

Creating a strong image in your mind of what the final version of your book will look like. This simple exercise can be one of the best motivators for you to achieve your goal.

One method that can assist with powerful visualisation, is the creation of a ‘mood board’. This process can assist with providing a solid image of your book in your head. One so powerful that you can feel the completed book in your hands. When this happens everything else that needs to occur for your book to be published seems to fall into place.

How do you create a mood board?

These tips may be of assistance:

  1. Find books, flyers, eBooks that you like the look of
  2. Collect images of book covers that appeal to you
  3. Cut out pages from magazines, with colours and designs
  4. Pin images of books on Pinterest that you find appealing
  5. Look at your brand colours and logo and how they will need to be incorporated in your design
  6. Do you have a regular designer that you use? What pieces of their work do you love?
  7. Do you know someone who has designed a book that you liked? Collect images of their work

Will you create your mood board?

Will you use those ideas to create an image of your finished book? Can you imagine that image clearly in your mind?

Make that vision a reality and leave a legacy of your words.

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