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Thu 3 Dec 2020

The Gift of Giving Within a Spirit of Goodwill

When someone asks me, “What do you do?” I smile and say, “Whatever it takes to make their dreams become a reality!”

Mandy Hale is quoted as saying: To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect – YOU just have to care.” 

How true are these words especially for women today who may be struggling, juggling, surviving or thriving as they manage the three million little things going on in their lives, within their families and within their businesses. 


At the end of the day that it is the little things in life that matter the most; the random acts of kindness with no expectation of receiving anything back in return. We can embrace the opportunities that come along to reach out when someone is struggling or for them to just know that they are not alone. When we keep things simple and not complicated; when we can appreciate being in the moment every single day; when we live our lives with gratitude, respect, trust and lovethat’s when the true spirit of giving a gift of goodwill manifests into some very unexpected opportunities. 

These are also opportunities both for us to grow as an individual and to grow our customers and our business. 

Depending on what type of business or service provided, there are many different ways that these opportunities can be extended for others to enjoy. Make a point of having favourite products in stock and then ensure you make your place the first place women come to shop when looking for gifts for birthdays, celebrations and special occasions. 

Creatively package favourite items and have promotional sale instore or online to introduce these special products to other clients and business associates who might be a little time poor. Be in tune with those who may be looking for a bargain or something personal. If you work with other colleagues who may also have a special product or complementary service then explore opportunities to work in partnership to introduce other women to these benefits.  

While it is very important that we focus on the bottom line and ensure that we have a regular cash flow to meet our economic and financial needs, now and in the future, it is also important to consider how we gift our time as a commodity to build our personal brand and our reputation. 

The real value of being part of a strong and valued organisation like Women’s Network Australia (WNA) is the lifetime of friendship that comes from getting to know each other and to be the go to place for referrals. 

If you love to entertain, then gift your familyfriends and business colleagues a voucher for a home cooked meal at your place or a catch up chat over coffee and cakeYou don’t have to break the budget or max out the credit card to be able to enjoy the gift of giving to others throughout the year. The most precious gifts of all are wrapped in a hug and come with unconditional love and time shared together

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