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Sun 4 Jun 2017

There Are So Many Books Already; How Will Anyone Ever Find Mine?

Educational Services
There are so many books already, how will anyone ever find out about my book? - Dyan Burgess

Keep it in perspective.

Think about your existing customer relationships rather than the ivory tower of bestselling authors.

Who do you want to see your book? Who should see your book? Who would be an advocate of your book? Perhaps, you already have access to most of these people in your current customer relationships.

Also, it can be useful to think of your book as a very elaborate business card (as Andy Griffiths would say ‘a business card on steroids’).

Your book gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with your existing customers. You may also find new opportunities with your existing customers (David Maister has written on the importance of taking care of existing customer relationships) because of the way that you present your thoughts and processes in your book. If you do find new customers via your book, it is more likely that these people resonate well with you and you will love working them. It is a win-win.

With your book in their hands, your customers, and your audience, will become advocates for you. They will share their experience of you with their friends. Think about how many times you have heard a conversation with the question ‘Have you read the latest book by … ?’ or ‘The book I am reading at the moment is amazing, you should read it.’

So you probably don’t need to be a best seller to resonate with your customers.

If, however, you are interested in following the New York Times ‘bestseller formula’, author and entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss, writes extensively on the topic, particularly in his Bestselling book ‘The 4 Hour Workweek’ (no irony here!).

But for most business owners, the more important matter is that existing customers will find your book; because you can send it to them. Better still, you can send them two or more copies, and they can advocate for you by sharing it with their friends; which is more likely to see you engage with customers that you love.

What would you prefer? A bestseller or looking after customers that you love. Or, perhaps you can do both.

I would love to see your questions and comments in the comments box below.

Your real life examples, comments and questions will allow us to dive deeper into each of the above questions and perhaps provide other readers answers to their questions. It’s a win-win for all.

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