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Sun 18 Sep 2016

Think and Grow Rich After Hours

Educational Services

Many of you would be familiar with the concept that writing a book opens up a wonderful opportunity to securing speaking engagements. Well, that is precisely what I am doing….writing a book with the primary objective of securing speaking gigs. With both my book and speaking, I believe I can reach and help a greater number of people

My book is based of Napoleon Hill’s Classic “Think and Grow Rich” and I have chosen the title, “Think And Grow Rich After Hours: Learn the 7 SECRETS from the M.E.N.T.O.R.S. Method of Building Wealth After 5:00pm.”

It’s designed to be a practical lifestyle creation manual complete with proven strategies and real life case studies.

My 7 Expert MENTORS are:
M – Kurek Ashley Mindset
E – Marcus Pedro Education
N – Debra Thompson Roedl Negotiation
T – Siimon Reynolds Tools
O – Dale Beaumont Opportunities
R – Caroline McFarlan Relationships
S – Andrew Morello Success

And my MENTORS Questions are:
1. Why is MINDSET important to your success? And how do you create and maintain the right mindset?
2. What is the most useful EDUCATION you have received on your journey? And what would you recommend for a person getting started?
3. What is the most important NEGOTIATION tip that you have used to create wealth? And what would you share with your Apprentice?
4. What is your favorite success TOOL eg. product / person / event? And why?
5. What OPPORTUNITIES allowed you to achieve your wealth? And how did you create these opportunities or did they come to you?
6. Which RELATIONSHIPS have increased your level of success? And how did that relationship start?
7. What industry or niche did you achieve your SUCCESS in? And why did you choose that industry or did it choose you?

There will also be Additional Bonus Questions:
1. Who are your MENTORS? And why?
2. What is the greatest obstacle that you have overcome on your road to success? And why?
3. What do you consider to be your greatest success? And why?
4. What 3 words sum you up?
5. What is your favorite quote or saying? And from who?

I will keep you in the loop with I am progressing and would love to hear from you if you are also in the process of writing your own book.

Your speaking is a business and you need to keep up to date and consistently learn. It will reward you immensely. 

Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages….and in the bookstores and online!


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