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Tue 20 Aug 2019

Top Five Negative Thoughts That Can Interfere with Your Success

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Our negative thoughts and self-beliefs can have the tendency to limit our success.

They can strike fear into the hearts, souls and minds of business owners and because they have such a high vibrational energy and emotional trigger that the ongoing response is made from a fear-based mentality instead of a success base mentality.

“It’s not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through and have faith.” – Emma Watson

Have you ever:

  • Wondered if you are the reason that your business is not successful?
  • Decided that everyone else was bigger, better and more experienced?
  • Procrastinated and kept adding to your qualifications?
  • Thought you didn’t know enough to start your business?
  • Worried that all your ducks had to be lined up before you could even start?
  • Let the fear of success totally overwhelm you?

If so, you are not alone! It is often stated that the single most important aspect of success and business entrepreneurship is the power of positive thinking.

Fear and fear thought forms create neural pathways, which become habitual thoughts and actions. The ‘fear’ of an event happening that is often more constrictive and limiting then the actual event. A common acronym for fear is “False Events Appearing Real” however replace it with “Face Everything And Rise”. This gives your fear a different option, one of opportunity and optimism.

Are you self-sabotaging your success with the following fear based negative thoughts.

I don’t Know Enough!
Stop! Right there! Say after me, “I am enough”. Before you commenced your business journey, you trained and achieved a proficiency in your field, either through hands on training/practical lived experiences or by a more formal educational model. Either way you are now perfectly capable and proficient. Do not let the FEAR of not knowing enough stop you from starting. Industry specific Professional Development opportunities can offer upskilling later.

Too new to Charge!
Just because you are new in business does not mean you have no previous experience or life skills. This education makes you more than qualified to charge your worth to add value to another person’s life. Do not downgrade/limit your business success with the FEAR based thought “I am too new to charge for my services/product etc”. Step up and own your business success with confidence and enthusiasm. As your business grows and flourishes you can always gift or donate to a worthy cause.

I have to do it all myself!
New business owners generally start their business with a crystal and champagne mindset. They are enthusiastic and filled with excitement and ready to conquer the world. Many also start off with little or no cash reserves, especially the micro, mini small businesses. The crystal and champagne mindset can very quickly become tarnished and battered if the cash flow starts to wain or stop. This often leads a FEAR based decision of the business owner deciding to become a jack of all trades and to do everything themselves. It can be a form of false economy as your personal skill set may not be the best option for certain aspects of the business. This could lead to your business underperforming due to lack of expertise. It is a good business decision to collaborate and share with other businesses.

Professional Envy!
OMG! Look at that business, it has a better website, signage, opportunities, money flow, yadda! yadda! yadda! The FEAR of envy and of not being good enough can lead to a constant and nonstop negative chatter about why your business is not being successful. Eventually you will believe the negative thoughts and professional jealousy messages and become discouraged or give up. This makes you a victim and a victim will blame others for their own shortcomings or perceived failure. A successful business owner learns by being inspired by the achievements of others, by not always re-inventing the wheel and by being mentored by those who are already a success.

The “Fear Of Missing Out” and her friend “Shiny Bright Objects” can lead to myriad of extra must haves and must dos a mile long. Technology and social media in particular can add to the ongoing FEAR of failure for business owners. There will always be something new or better to learn or have, however they will not always be the source of your business success. Before jumping in and signing up, ask yourself, it is necessary, helpful, affordable, or will it lead me away from my core business? Sometimes the answer is yes and other times it will be no, the skill is in knowing which one is right for you at that time.

The success of your business is dependent on your positive mindset, your ability to seek help and expertise and your capacity to stay on track and be focused.

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